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Changzhou YI DU Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company to research and manufacture of drying equipment, drying equipment, crushing equipment, dust removal equipment and others。Our company lies in Hengshan Bridge Industrial Park of Changzhou, east of the highway ,south of State Road 321,leading to Dongfang Avenue,across the industrial park,so we have the convenient transportation.he company faces south, we will stand firm and become another example of Chinese drying industry,because we own wider viewing angle,and higher vision.

The company's main products are: drying equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, dust removal equipment, granulating equipment, Supporting heat equipment.Hot products include spray dryer, belt dryer, fluid bed dryer, flash dryer and so on.Products are widely used in Medicine, Food, Pesticides, Mining, Dyes, Environmental protection, Electronics, Plastics, Chemicals and other industries,our main market mainly for nationwide now,including Europe, Africa and other countries.

The company has a number of outstanding talents,they employment more than a decade in drying industry,we guarantee our drying equipment achieve the most efficient and quality objectives from the initial design to commissioning.

My company's basic requirements are research and development manufacturing new drying equipment of the best meet production requirements and the most energy-efficient.For this,we will continue to assimilate the latest scientific research, and constantly incorporating the latest technology,low profile attempt to find high standards.

Our company could based Drying Industry by the only secret of pursuing perfection and excellence,and the secret prompted us to become the industry leaders.We will keep in touch with our client throughout the production process;Our engineers and manufacturing workers has a very tight integration.Responsible for products and customers,and ensure the duration smoothly .The company is committed to Research & Practice Nova Materials.

Our company and College of Science in Shanghai University are researching Nano-materials,we start Cooperation Programme,and had significant progress.With Zhejiang University studying new plating materials are orderly conduct, and gradually achieve the desired objectives.Research and Lianyungang dried food additives university has also made great progress, which China will open a new era of food additives and processing.

Our professional research spent a lot of time,in numerous efforts,we get good achieved.We believe only with great effort can get success,still constant absorbing and reflecting,in order to realizing our dreams.At this time,we are leading the trend again.We assimilate the idea abut energy efficient into design and production,we also propose view named“The core of modern drying technology - energy-saving equipment and devices energy options”.

We provide customers the production which the Maximize profits and the highest yield,also we require our products will consumption of least resources and integration of resources.

We believe “More effort,More praise”The spirit of YI DU:Honesty,Seek truth from facts,Face the music,Transcend yourself:Keeping learning and Quality assured.

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