Diagram PDF of fluidized bed drying machine
The structure of fluidized bed drying machine as the following shown: The above is about diagram of fluidized bed drying machine.。
Boiling drying machine...
Schematic diagram of garlic slice drying machine_Drawing(pdf) of garlic slice dryers
gGrlic slice dryers as the following shown

Above picture about fluidized bed drying equipment for garlic slice dryers
The above article about 《Pro...
Equipment drawing of rotary drum drying equipment_ Download CAD drawing(PDF) of rotary kiln
Drawing of rotary drum drying machine

We also called ratary drum dryers as ratory kiln,it is the traditional represent of drying equipment.Our company...
Download drawing(CAD) of double cone rotary vacuum drying equipment
Drawing of double cone rotary vacuum drying equipment

Double cone rotary vacuum drying equipment is evoluted from double cone drying equipment,in-tank...
Drawing of blender equipment_CAD drawing of three-dimensional blender
Equipment drawing of three-dimensional blender

As the usual blender,SYH series blender equipment had been used widely in the yield of pharmaceutical, c...
Download Drawing(CAD) of Cyclone Dust Extractor_Drawing of Cyclone Dust Extractor
The article above said:parameters of cyclone dust extractor and animation demo.We have a certain understanding of the device.As shown below:Drawing(CAD) of...
Schematic(PDF) of Fluid Bed Drying Machine
The schematic diagram is as follows: he Pictures Above about Fluid Bed Dryer.
The boiling dryer has good drying effect on granular material(Raw material m...
Drawing(CAD) of Pneumatic Dryer_ Process Drawing of Pneumatic Drying Machine
Drawing of Pneumatic Drying Equipment
It is one of the important machine in our company.And be used widely.We make the detailed information into...
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