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CAD of Band Drying Machine(PDF)

Time:2015-07-27  Creator:Yi Du

Band Dryer machine
    Pictures above is about belt dryer structure diagram.The whole belt type drying equipment mainly consists of the following parts: hot air stove, air filtration system, heat exchanger, air blower and belt dryer.
    Band Dryer machine is the Popular products in our company.It has the advantages of simple structure, uniform drying effect, and high quality.This drawing is a structure diagram of the belt dryer, which is intended to explain the structure of the dryer.If you need to know more detailed parameters related with dryer, welcome to visit our company product page, the drying process can browse the demo dryer, through the button control can intuitively understand the functioning of the equipment.
    If you have any questions about the drying equipment, welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359    Example of Band Dryer: Azo Pigment Belt Dryer   drying system of chicken.

CAD Drawing of Band Dryer
CAD Drawing of Band Dryer a96e1db8f24c4bfb3f4c5dc4c83ca359.pdf (445.00 KB)

Drawing of rotary drum drying machine We also called ratary drum dryers as ratory kiln,it is the traditional represent of drying equipment.Our company


The picture above is about process drawing of spray dryer The equipment in the picture:Material storage tank, feeding pump, steam for heat exchanger, blower, ai


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