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Drawing(CAD) of Pneumatic Dryer_ Process Drawing of Pneumatic Drying Machine

Time:2015-07-31  Creator:Yi Du

        Drawing of Pneumatic Drying Equipment
        It is one of the important machine in our company.And be used widely.We make the detailed information into a form,you can find the information in the pages appear above.Through this form the customers can find some technology information.So this form is the best show about Pneumatic Dryer.Our company creat demo of pneumatic drying.In the process of working.In the actual design and manufacturing process, the need to according to the material drying characteristics, drawing a flow chart, and then according to the actual situation of the workshop plan and production drawings
        Drawing(CAD) of Pneumatic Drying Machine
        This pictures above is about pneumatic dryer ,It has auxiliary equipment, such as import and export system, control system and dust removal system.
        Process show of Pneumatic Dryer
        In actual producing,the area limited the developing,so need to adjust the flow of air drying equipment
        Vertical View of Pneumatic Dryer
        Because of the height,we need to dig a hole to install the machine.This is very few cases.Generally speaking,It is recommended that the customer open a gap in the corresponding position of the air stream drying tube, which allows the dry pipe to pass through the roof of the workshop.
        Download Drawing(CAD) of Pneumatic Dryer

Drawing(CAD) of Pneumatic Drying Machine
Drawing(CAD) of Pneumatic Drying Machine a0048adc9aaf7844f2b12fc902294748.pdf (98.54 KB)
Working Process of Pneumatic Dryer
Working Process of Pneumatic Dryer e1b2e2903b13b8dda63d9b671db908c4.pdf (123.58 KB)

Fluidbed Dryer is the most famous equipment in our company,Simple structure and wide range of application.Lower tracing is Detailed Dimensions of Fluidbed D


The structure of fluidized bed drying machine as the following shown: The above is about diagram of fluidized bed drying machine.。 Boiling drying machine


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