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Schematic(PDF) of Fluid Bed Drying Machine

Time:2015-08-04  Creator:Yi Du

The schematic diagram is as follows:

Sketch Map of Fluid Bed Dryer

    he Pictures Above about Fluid Bed Dryer.
    The boiling dryer has good drying effect on granular material(Raw material medicine, tablet and granule of traditional Chinese Medicine). In addition, the drying process of the volume change of the material selection of boiling dryer is also a good drying effect(The taro, polyacrylamide)
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Sketch Map of Fluid Bed Dryer.pdf
Sketch Map of Fluid Bed Dryer.pdf 3e51d4145e9e7e5e38c10a971e6d6812.pdf (209.03 KB)

Pictures above is about belt dryer structure diagram.The whole belt type drying equipment mainly consists of the following parts: hot air stove, air filtra


The picture above is about flowsheet drawing of flash dryer. As we can see,there are the most important part of flash drying machine.For drying mate


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