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Equipment drawing of rotary drum drying equipment_ Download CAD drawing(PDF) of rotary kiln

Time:2015-09-02  Creator:Yi Du

    Drawing of rotary drum drying machine

    We also called ratary drum dryers as ratory kiln,it is the traditional represent of drying equipment.Our company design and produced many sets,these machine had been used in the industry of metal smelting, building materials, mineral processing, environmental protection.And these machine get a lot of certain.As the old brand in the drying industry,YiDu had a clear lead.Continue to absorb the latest research results, and technical experience integration, the design of the East and the lower the energy consumption requirements of the domestic counterparts, greatly reduced the drying cycle.If you want to learn more about technology of ratory drum drying,or want to comsult drying summary of ratary kiln,welcome to our company and contact to us.24h TEL:13809072359!

    Drawing(CAD) of rotary kiln drying equipment

    As the following shown:Drawing(CAD) of rotary kiln dryers:
Rotary kiln
    The above pictures is about rotary kiln,as the following shown:left driving drum drying equipment.
Left driving drum kiln.jpg
    The above pictures is about left driving drum drying equipemnt.PS:Adjust right driving rotary kiln according to the draw and note

    Click and learn:Rotary kiln.dwg or CAD of rotary drum drying equipment(pdf)

Rotary kiln drying equipment.dwg
Rotary kiln drying equipment.dwg bcc7d7b2ff05c0acb50fac5e2a628282.dwg (168.23 KB)
Left driving drum drying machine.dwg
Left driving drum drying machine.dwg 7b006e6dbe58253a03fd2f28dbacd4b0.dwg (581.38 KB)
Rotary kiln dryers.pdf
Rotary kiln dryers .pdf 4b62dab943e5b1aacd96225fbdc16192.pdf (81.05 KB)
Left driving drum drying machine.pdf
Left driving drum drying machine.pdf c901879e65cbe6b328b6196cc4fe155d.pdf (274.03 KB)

The picture above is about process drawing of spray dryer The equipment in the picture:Material storage tank, feeding pump, steam for heat exchanger, blower, ai


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