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ZGH series vertical high speed mixing machine

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Detail data of ZGH series vertical high speed mixing machine

Type Service capacity Material Weight Power Weight(KG) Size(MM)
ZGH-350 35 150 7.87 600 1500×1090×1200
ZGH-400 40 200 8.07 650 1500×1090×1300
ZGH-850 85 400 1087 650 1718×1320×1400

Working principle
    Materials had to be blend set into high speed mixing machine,under the action of centrifugal force, the material is transported along the cylinder wall,and the high speed crushing material leaves the material to carry on the smashing.In the process of grinding, the upper material center will fall down,with continuous upward movement of the material form a whirlpool.And then, under the action of the vortex, complete the mix.
The advantages
    1 Good minxing effect.The mixture will not occur after the completion of the.
    2 Fast mix.It just spend 3 hours to blend material about 150KG.
    3 Easy loading and unloading.When mixed, only need to add all of the one-time,and set the time ;and get out the insert plate when discharging,after starting and material can be released.All the process had no hand operation.
    4 Convenient cleaning.About daily maintenance only need to be injected into the hopper,run the machine for some times,and pour out the waste water and finish cleaning.
    5 Low cost and simple structure.
Poctures of ZGH series vertical high speed mixing machine
Data of ZGH series vertical high speed mixing machine
Type of ZGH series vertical high speed mixing machine
Pictures of vertical blender
Pictures of ZGH blende

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