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Rotation granulating machine_Model of rotation granulator

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Detail data of rotation granulating machine

Type Diameter Yield Power Size Weight
250 Φ2-2.2(adjustable) 100-200 4 700×540×1300 350
300B Φ1.2-3(adjustable) 140-400 5.5 880×640×1300 400
300D Φ0.5-6(adjustable) 300-600 7.5 1300×800×1200 780

The working principle

     The granulation of the rotary granulation machine is mainly depend on the milling cutter and the press..In the gear box and the process variable to the grinding blade and pressing blades to rotate in the opposite direction.The material is subjected to the pressure of the material and the force of the blade and the force of the roller blade, which eventually becomes the particle.
The notice
    1.Operation is needed before idling.Mainly to see whether the grinding knife is rotated in the direction of the circular arc,whether there is a reverse.Check the tightness of all parts of the machine, and the amount of oil in the gear box.
    2.Pay attention to container height, reduce particle breakage.
    3.Different particle size requirements of the material need to see whether the aperture of the sieve tube is correct.
     1 Check the cleanliness of the lubricating oil in the gear box,such as frequent use should be every three months to replace the lubricating oil.
     2 Check the operation of the components,if the wear should be repaired in time.
     3 Stop and take out the material,than remove the sieve tube, nut, pressing material, grinding knife,and clean the above parts.(Pay attention to the prevention of electric appliances to damp, to prevent electric shock).
The pictures about granulation
The pictures of rotation granulating equipment
Data of rotation granulating equipment
Type of rotation granulating equipment
Shape of rotation granulating equipment

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