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Pneumatic Dryer_Equipment Parameters of Pneumatic Dryer

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    Summary of Pneumatic Dryer
    Pneumatic drying Machine is the common one,its advantages:Fast heat transfer coefficient,big heat transfer area and fast dry speed.It is representative of fast drying machine.With the development of drying technology, the current air drying equipment has been transformed.For example:FG,QG,JG,DG.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment CO.,Ltd.)R&D pneumatic dryer machine.
    Working Principle of Pneumatic Dryer Machine
    There are two steps of FG series drying process:material,dried fumes and heat drying by level 1 positive pressure after mixed together.Outside the tail gas.After drying the mixture of fresh hot air for two negative pressure drying. After drying it is packed.High temperature and low humidity exhaust for primary drying, good circulation drying, hot air supplement can be adjusted according to the s, so the machine has wide applicability.It is used by many industry:Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries of powder, granular material.There are many production from our drying machine:starch, glucose, fish powder, sugar, sugar, sugar, wine, feed, gluten, plastic resin, coal powder, dye.
    The QG pneumatic drying machine install fan play a role in dispersion.This pneumatic dryer design for drying heat sensitive materials.Fan impeller of high-speed spinning, can even put wet caking material broken,until dispersed.In the process of mixing, mixing, mixing, and then flow of material and heat flow in parallel.This device is adapted to the dry filter cake but also belongs to the surface moisture.If the amount of treatment is large or the finished product is required to dry to 15%, it can be used in the two stage air flow drying.Moisture content in more than 40% but less than 60%, feeding difficulties should be the mixer, by infiltrates the dry method reducing material moisture, drying equipment, the total output is greatly decreased, which in the economy is uneconomical.In the choice of QG air drying equipment, the need for a reasonable choice of drying characteristics Due to the special characteristics of QG dry air drying machine, the adaptation of many materials, in addition to the basic type of the materials mentioned.And:Methaqualone, A.B.C, A.B.S, A.S.C, intermediate resin silica, benzene tea pyrazolone, tea cake, oxalic acid as catalyst, accelerator m.d.m, catalyst, carbon powder, precipitation of benzene parazolone, salicylic acid, terephthalic acid, ear matuo duo, two, two, titanium ammonium oxidation of ethylbenzene activated carbon, sodium fluoride, fluorspar ore, by-product ammonium sulfate, silica gel powder, synthetic resin, polypropylene resin, calcium sulfonate, sodium silicate, chlortetracycline, coke mucochloric acid Coffee slag, oral glucose bran, sodium sulfate, sulfide ore, phosphate rock, blue BB, P.V.C, P, tetracycline, molten iron oxide, three calcium carbonate, titanium ore, copper, coal, potato powder, tail stearate, corn protein, medicine, pharmacy, iron oxide, lees and so on.
    JG pneumatic drying equipment suitable for easy dehydration of particles, powder material, quickly remove the moisture.In the use of JG air flow drying, because the material in the JG air dryer to stay within a short time, so that the quality of the dried product get the best control.Pneumatic drying is the addition of a strengthening device is the basic type, wet material through the screw feeder into strengthening device and heat flow in the mix, and promote the rapid rotation of the hammer blade break, the materials are crushed into fine particles, in a dry and moved to the exit, the last in the wind suction into the drying tube, further dry.Drying equipment has good drying effect on the moisture content of wet material.Vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride copolymer, acetic acid fiber floc, catalyst, C.M.C CT-1 and resin, plaster of Paris, biological products, carbon black, carbonate calcium slurry, sludge, organic chemicals aluminum stearate, iron oxide, organic fuel, corn protein feed, dank mud, mica powder, agent, pigment, potassium dichromate pulp, lees.
    DG pneumatic drying machine is used for drying starch type.The device can also be used for drying other requirements fast drying and heat sensitive powder or flake materials. DG air dryer, hot air flow, so that the powder particles suspended in which the material, and get drying.Due to the high gas flow velocity, the material particles suspended in the air flow, gas solid heat transfer between the surface area, high heat transfer coefficient, dry time is short,so can used by drying heater material.The cold air is mixed with the wet starch from the spiral feeding machine to the air tube after heating, and the air is dry, the dry starch is discharged by the cyclone, and the waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere.
    Styles of Pneumatic Drying Machine

Model Evaporation capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Area(㎡) Height(m)
Q50 50 6.25 20 9
QG50 50 6.25 20 9
JG50 50 9.25 20 9
Q100 100 8.6 32 11
QG100 100 8.6 32 11
JG100 100 16.1 32 11
Q250 250 20 64 16
QG250 250 20 64 16
JG250 250 31 64 16
Q500 500 33 96 16
QG500 500 33 96 16
JG500 500 48 96 16
Q1000 1000 63 120 16
QG1000 1000 63 120 16
JG1000 1000 78 120 16

    Parameter of DG Pneumatic Dryer

Model Yield t/h Power KW Evaporation Capacity Kg/Kg water


DG-0.5 0.5   1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-0.8 0.8 21.6 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-1 1 24.6 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-1.2 1.2 26.6 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-1.6 1.6 30.1 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-2 2 47.6 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-2.6 2.6 59.5 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-3.2 3.2 75 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-3.6 3.6 95 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-5 5 123.4 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-6 6 170 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-10 10 223.5 1.8-2.0 12-14%
DG-20 20 440 1.8-2.0 12-14%

    Chart of DG Pneumatic Dryer
Style of DG Pneumatic Dryer
Field Map of DG Pneumatic Dryer
   Pneumatic Dryer be used for many parts,mainly used as dry powder or granular material.On the large amount of moisture content is a paste of the material has good drying effect.For example:《Calcium Hydrogen Drying Machine》&《Dicalcium Phosphate Dryer Equipment》.If you need to buy our machine,please contact us!Tel:13809072359!
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