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Model of Hot Air Furance_Parameter of Hot Air Furnace

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    According to different Fuel,we can divided into three kinds:fuel, gas and coal.If according to heating ways,we can sort indirect and direct.The type size of the common hot air stove is shown below.

Parameter of Hot Air Furnace

Model Burner Model Fuel Quantity kg/h Heating load
Heater outlet
L×W mm
RLY1 RIELLO.G3/DL3FS 1.3-1.6 1 1200×1200×1600 Φ200 460
RLY4 RIELLO.G10/DL10FS 5-6.5 4 1700×1300×1600 Φ250 850
RLY10 RIELLO.G20/DL23FS 13-16 10 2300×1568×1870 Φ300 2200
RLY20 RIELLO 1G/DL34FS 26-32 20 2800×1568×1870 Φ400 2670
RLY30 RL50/DL55FT 39-48 30 3400×1568×1870 Φ450 3060
RLY40 RL70/DL75FT 52-64 40 4440×1768×2070 Φ550 5600
RLY60 RL100/DL100FT 78-96 60 5140×1868×2070 Φ600 8460
RLY100 PRESS 4G/DL 120FT 130-140 100 6440×2480×2300 550×600 12800
RLY160 P300/DL250FT 200-270 160 7470×2920×3480 750×900 15780
RLY200 P300/DL300FT 260-300 200 8175×2920×3480 750×900 18500

Working Principle of Hot air furnace
    Burner burning oil to produce high temperature gas,. Need to heat the air through the fan into the hot air stove. Heat transfer to air under the action of the special structure design of the hot air stove. The temperature of the high temperature gas is decreased, and the air is discharged into the atmosphere when the air is in contact with the air. The burner has automatic control system, when the hot air temperature reaches the preset temperature, the burner can be turned into a small fire burning or automatically stop working; the temperature of the high speed is controlled by the size of the intake valve.
The Advantages of Indirect Fuel Hot air furnace
    1 The structure of the device can recover the waste heat, improve the thermal efficiency.
    2 Equipment material is heat resistant steel, after strengthening treatment.
    3 The equipment is stable, and the equipment investment is lower.
    4 A higher degree of automation, reduce the workload.
Driect Hot air oven
Structure of Hot Air furnace
    Chart of Hot Air Furnace
Using Note of Coal Hot Air furnace
gas fuel hot air stove
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