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Flash Dryer_Data of Flash Dryer

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    Summary of Flash Dryer
    Flash drying technology originated from the eighty's of last century.This technology developed by scientists from Brazil.Process flow:The hot air tangent to the bottom of the dryer, the formation of a strong rotating wind field in the blender.The material need drying across from the spiral feeder into the dryer,under the influence of high speed rotating impeller,the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shear force.Contact with hot air, heat and dry.The dried material is carried into the air of dust collecting system of collection and processing.Exhaust meet the environmental requirements discharged by the exhaust fan.This is the whole drying process. The structure of flash dryer is simple. As this chart shows,the main structure of conventional flash drying system:
form of flash drying
    The Structure of Flash Dryer Equipment As shown above,flash dryer including the heater, feeder, stirred broken system, classifier, drying supervisor, cyclone separator and cloth bag dust remover, the wind machine.There are many kinds of flash dryer,the buyer can choose satisfactory equipment according to their own needs.This situation expanded the use of the field greatly.Our company as the first batch of innovation,we own decades of experience accumulation.For paste, slurry, filter cake,and centrifuge dewatering plate and frame filter press drying effect,we have enough confidence.
    Applicable scope of Flash Dryer:
    1.Inorganic class:Boric acid, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, metal hydroxides, various heavy metal salts, synthetic cryolite and so on;
    2.Organism:Atrazine (pesticides), cadmium laurate,Benzoic acid,germicide, sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate;
    3Ceramics: kaoline, silicon oxide, clay;
    4Dyes: anthraquinone, black iron oxide, indigo pigments, butyric acid, titanium hydroxide, zinc sulfide,all kinds of azo dye intermediates;
    5Food: soy protein, starch glue doubt, distillers grains, wheat, sugar, wheat starch, etc.
    The Process of Flash Dryer:
    Hot air from the inlet duct tangentially into the bottom of the drying chamber of the annulus, and a spiral rise, while the metered material from the feeder tower with hot air heat exchange sufficiently larger than the wet material in the blender being under the influence of mechanical crushing, low moisture content and smaller particle size of the material rises together with the whirling airflow, delivered to the separator gas-solid separation, product packaging and collection, and the exhaust is treated after emptying the dust removal device.Click View Instruction Manual of Flash Dryer
    The Advantages of this System:
    1.High velocity airflow,short residence time,prevent adhesion and deterioration,you can save a lot of programs.
    2.Drying chamber is equipped with graded ring and swirl pieces,material fineness and final moisture adjustable,special air distribution system, reducing the resistance of the device, and effectively improve drying uniformity of materials.
    3.Bottom of the dryer set special cooling device and pneumatic sealing means to avoid material deterioration phenomenon generated at the bottom of the high temperature zone.
    4.Can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, by feeding hot air temperature, the classifier of regulation, to ensure product moisture content and fineness of uniform.
    Parameter of XSG Series Flash Dryer

Model Inlet ℃ Vent ℃ Φ:mm Boil:kg/h System Air Quantity: kg/h  Power Heat Source Form Max Height Floor Space
Xsg-4 120-450 70-80 400 80 2000-2500 15.6 Hot water, Steam, Electrical 4.2 19 As the heat configuration change,the floor space change.The table on the left probably the algorithm.
Xsg-6 120-450 75-85 600 210 3200-5500 28.2 Steam,Electrical,Stove 5.4 26
Xsg-8 130-450 75-85 800 340 5500-9000 39.2 Steam,Electrical,Stove 5.9 34
Xsg-10 130-450 75-85 1000 540 8500-14200 54.6 Steam,Stove 6.4 45
Xsg-12 140-450 75-85 1200 760 12200-20300 79.4 Steam,Stove 6.7 58
Xsg-14 140-500 75-85 1400 1030 16500-27200 102.1 Steam,Large-Scale Stove 7.2 76
Xsg-16 140-500 75-85 1600 1300 21800-34200 146.4 Steam,Large-Scale Stove 8 110

1.The steam consumption mentioned above according to the inlet temperature of 210 ℃, the air temperature is 80℃ is given, the higher the drying device is configured the same as the same material inlet temperature, the greater the amount of moisture evaporation.In other words,yield greater.
2.Length and width of equipment is in accordance with the launch.Equipment can be arranged according to the actual situation.At first,buyer need to support workshop dimensions
3.Different operating parameters of the same material containing moisture, evaporation equipment different materials actually tell us select the appropriate device type material. Demand-side use of coal, oil, gas as a heat source when dried, the drying temperature provided the demand side we informed the appropriate consumption according to the actual situation. Electric heating is required in the party does not use steam or other heat sources, electricity maximum electric power required is generally not as a dry heat source.
    Pictures of YiDu’s Flash Dryer
Plant Parameter of Flash Drying Machine
    Stearate Drying Machine is our company designed and manufactured for Lianyungang Huamingtai Material Co., Ltd..This photos taken after machine run one year.
Model of  Flash Dryer Machine
Flash Drying Underlying articleDemo of Flash Dryer    Drawing(pdf) of Flash Drying machine

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