Zinc sulfide concentrate drum drying equipment
  Zinc sulfide concentrate drum drying equipment
A few days ago, a company's director make a phone call to our company, consultation about zinc sulfide concen...
Di-sodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate anhydrous drying machine_SAPP drying equipment
Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate dryers
It can be called as sodium acid pyrophosphate,simple name is SAPP,it is a kinds of Bulking Agents,it ca...
Fluorine sodium silicate drying machine_Sodium fluosilicate drying equipment
Apply of sodium fluorosilicate
It can be called as destruxol appl,simple name is SSF.Chemical properties:Chemical formula is Na2SiF6,molecular weight is...
Soy protein drying machine_Soy protein spray drying machine
Soy protein spray drying technology
Soy protein is obtained after processing of soy protein.Soy protein is known as the green milk, inhibits the body's...
Promoter ZDC dryers_ZDC flash drying machine
Promoter ZDC,can be called as EZ.Its chemical name is Zinc, bis(diethylcarbamodithioato-S,S')-, (T-4)-.it can be used to produce latex,used for the hot melt...
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