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Activated carbon dryer equipment_drying machine

Time:2015-07-22  Creator:Yi Du

    Activated carbon dryer
    Our company professional design and production of renewable activated carbon, physical wood carbon, chemical carbon and other forms of nature of the activated carbon drying, processing equipment.We own deep experience and annual sales volume,we can product every kings activated carbon.As of this year,our company support service for more than 10 companies,and get very good recognition.The most important one is someone’s carbon Moisture content above 60%.But our company can get MC down to 3%,this is our advantage.We can change equipment according to your requirement.
    Activated carbon drying machine
    The production about activated carbon can converted to powder by our processing.Then the powder sent to activation equipment directly,this step can save a lot of programs.Activation after the end of the part of the temperature of the activated carbon is relatively high, our design of activated carbon drying equipment can be the high temperature activated carbon heat reuse, excess heat for conversion to produce steam for reactivation of the use. Finished activated carbon can be cooled directly after the packaging.
    Activated carbon dryer machine
    This machine dry heat utilization rate can reach 85% or more,the products’ temperature can reach 400℃.Drying equipment is used to dry processing, regeneration of carbon, carbon, or chemical carbon are very high efficiency,It is the last 10 years of activated carbon drying aspect of the most ideal drying models.Compared with the activated carbon activated carbon used drying equipment manufacturers have the advantages of almost impeccable. If there are doubts in the dry activated carbon, please contact with me,please believe that we are more professional!!
    Activated carbon drying equipment
    Our company support free sample service,if you need learn activated carbon drying and order,you can contact us.We can help you to experiment,and adjustment process equipment.And here is the pictures about some customers sampling.
activated carbon dryer
activated carbon drying equipment
activated carbon drying machine
activated carbon dry powder

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