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Ferrous sulfate drying machine_Green-vitriol dewatering and drying equipment

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    Apply of ferrous sulfate
    Ferrous sulfate will be blue powder under the usual temperature,The color of ferrous sulfate solution is light green.The formula is FeSO4·7H2O(so we can call it green copperas).Ferrous sulfate can be used to make iron, iron oxide pigments, mordant, purifying agent, preservatives, disinfectants.And,it can also be used as anti anemia drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.Ferrous sulfate can be used as the supplement of iron plant; fruit rot disease prevention and control, wheat smut disease.As iron fortificants drying equipment manufacturer, our company has productedferrous citrate drying machine柠檬酸亚铁 and EDTA ferrisodium drying machineand so on.
    Ferrous sulfate drying machine
    The production of ferrous sulfate, titanium dioxide is mainly dry.There are two troubles during drying ferrous sulfate:
    1 Serious phenomenon of agglomeration.When dry the material, the wet material is heated and immediately after heating.Even after a special treatment, the dispersion of the better wet material or the case of heated agglomeration. This has brought a huge impact on the drying effect.br />     2 High cost.Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty after test, on energy consumption calculations found that from the wet material to evaporate 1 kg of water of crystallization needs energy is 1.5 times that of 1kg of water on the surface of the evaporation.
    Based on the above two problems, our company after many discussions and experimental analysis, found that the use of combined drying equipment can be a good solution to the above two problems.We can use the drying machine:Solid return air-pneumatioc drying machine
    Solid return air-pneumatioc drying equipment
    Schematic diagram of drying equipment for drying Ferrous sulfate
Pneumatic-fluidized bed drying machine
    The picture above is about pneumatic-fluidized bed drying machine
    As shown in figure, the combination of the dryer is mainly composed of the air flow dryer and the fluidized bed dryer. In solving the problem of the heating of the material, the thermal efficiency is improved and the production cost is reduced.
    Ferrous sulfate drying machine
    After many experiments, we found that the feeding speed of the wet material will affect the residence time of the material in the dryer, and it has nothing to do with the circulating rate of the device. The residence time is also influenced by the number of the fluidized bed, the product recovery rate.
   The picture of ferrous sulfate drying equipment
ferrous sulfate drying machine
ferrous sulfate drying equipment
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