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Boric acid drying machine_Boric acid dryers

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    Boric acid is a kind of white powder crystal,because of its luster,so it is widely used in various types of glass manufacturing,in order to improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass.How to choose the drying machine to dry the boric acid?Because of the characteristics of boric acid drying and the characteristics of the process,At present, there are many problems in the selection of drying equipment for drying equipment.Error of boric acid drying equipment, will lead to the poor effect of boric acid, high energy consumption.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) own the rich experience in the drying boric acid industry.
    Boric acid drying machine
    Some data before drying boric acid:Wet form is free state;The material state is powdery crystal, containing a small amount of mass, and the particle size is about 40mesh;The water content at the beginning is 7%;Material specific heat:C=0.35kcal/kg•℃。After the drying equipment for dry operation, it need to achieve the effect of: Final moisture content:0.01%;Yield requirements:1000kg/h;Temp:60℃。Outside Temp and Humidity:t0 =15℃,Air moisture content:d0 = 0.009 kg water/kgdry air。We can get the data:Wind Temp :150℃;Wind Temp:150℃;Maximum evaporationWsteam=74kg /h;Material heatingQ2=1.6X104 kcal;System required air quantityL=5100Kg/h;System requires total heatQ=1.66X105 Kcal/h;Air humidity contentd=d0+Wsteam/L=0.021kg/Kg;Discharge air humidity content corresponding pointt2W≈27℃;(t2 - t2W)= 53℃≥20℃,In the process of condensation will not air emissions,fix the data!About the method above,you can contact us and learn more.Tel:13809072359!
    Boric acid drying machine
    According to the production requirements of boric acid, we choose the air dryer for drying.Pneumatic drying technology is one of“flash drying”,application of solid fluidization dilute phase transport in drying.(learn more inFluidization phenomenon流态化)Working process of air flow dryer:Air filtered by the fan into the steam heat exchanger in heating, heating of the hot air was sent to join the main drying tower and screw speed feeder boric acid wet material full contact, to boric acid suspended in hot air fluid, two-phase contact surface is enlarged, enhanced the heat transfer process, such as boric acid in water is vaporized instantly, take air, hot air also because of evaporation consumed heat and decreasing temperature.Materials in the drying process of screw feeder into the drying chamber containing a small amount of slug, slug boric acid enters the drying chamber is the dissolution of the transient airflow and boric acid at the bottom of the drying equipment with observation cleaning door.Easy to observe the working conditions of the drying room.If there is an abnormal large particles of boric acid wet material if the wind can not be immediately taken away, you can have a clean mouth discharge, to achieve continuous drying process.The product is collected using two stage cyclone separator and high pressure pulse bag type dust collector,After the separation of the material, the material is automatically discharged by the off air blower, the operation is stable, the operation is simple, and can be continuously produced, safe and reliable.
    Boric acid drying machine
Boric acid dryers
Boric acid drying machine
Boric acid drying equipment
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