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MgSO4 drying machine_drying MgSO4

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    Apply of MgSO4
    Magnesium sulphate own the widely used,mainly used in medical, industrial and agricultural fields。Magnesium sulfate can be used for the treatment of constipation, intestinal abnormal fermentation;For prodeucing the paper, porcelain, lead-acid battery, additive.In addition,magnesium sulfate can produce fertilizer, can improve the soil.
    Magnesium sulfate drying machine
    In the two of preceding paragraphs,《epsom salt drying machine》Mainly introduced the use of disc dryer with seven water Magnesium sulfate,and in the article of《Drying MgSO4·H2O equipment》,Is about the use of fluidized bed dryer。Now,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) introduce——Inert particles fluidized bed dryers.
    Structure sketch map of inert particle fluidized bed drying machine
Structure sketch map of inert particle fluidized bed drying machine
    among these:1 one vortex pump;2 one pitot tube;3one electric heater;4 one peristaltic pump;5 one U tube manometer;6 fluidized bed drying machine;7 belt dust;8 one cyclone separator;9 material pool;TE-thermometer
    drying MgSO4 as inert particle fluidized bed
    Take the right amount of glass beads, Tao Ciqiu and other inert particles, the dispersion medium is used as a carrier and the flow of Magnesium sulfate.After entering from the drying medium heating at the bottom of the fluidized bed, the distribution of wind speed and direction of the plate adjustment.The role of the hot air, inert particles fluidized state, the state of inert particle fluidized bed.Magnesium sulfate with high water content into the drying chamber, uniformly attached on the surface of inert particles, and heat exchange, the water in the material by evaporation.Magnesium sulfate to certain moisture content requirements of the side after dry, peeling off in an inert particle collision and friction role, some bulk was inert particle crushing.Finally, under the action of the fan, the collection was separator.
    The advantages of MgSO4 inert particle fluidized bed
    1 fast drying speed,short drying time
    2 dried material meet the requirement,powder particle size
    3 To achieve continuous production, the labor intensity is small

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