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Tilapia mossambica dryers_The choosen of Tilapia drying machine

Time:2015-09-08  Creator:Yi Du

    We also called Tilapia mossambica as Wuguo Fish,is the more common freshwater fish.At present, the yield of tilapia in China accounts for 1/3 of the world. The tilapia containing nutrients rich, delicate meat fish less, by many people's favorite.
    The above article is about《Silver carp drying&depydration technology》,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) had introduce the drying technology of Silver carp。As the same,Tilapia mossambica drying method is the usual one at present.
    Tilapia drying tecnology
    At present the drying machine for drying Tilapia drying is very rare,Some of the equipment does not meet the quality requirements of the product, or the cost of drying up the limitations of higher factors.for finding the method of drying Tilapia mossambica,our company deside to carried out the experiment of drying tilapia,doing the Supercritical CO2drying、vacuum freeze dryers and heater wind dry to contrast test,and determine the drying parameters of tilapia.The main index to measure the effect of drying:Nutrient composition, appearance and structure, water content.
    Check experiment of drying tilapia mossambica machine:
    1 Supercritical CO2 dryers:setting of drying temperature:57.5℃、pressure35 MPa、CO2 flux 17.5L/h。Check the material's water contant in time。
    2 vacuum freeze dryers:pre freeze temp:-50℃,heating plate temp45℃,drying room pressure80Pa,Check the material's water contant contant in time。
    3 Heating wind dryers:The test was carried out using the electric heating temperature and air temperature air blower drying box,wind speed is1.5m/s
    When the water content of the material reached20%,stop drying。After testing the sample,summarized as follows。
    a Analysis of nutrient components:
The influence of three drying method to nutritional ingredient
    The above pictures is about influence of three drying method to nutritional ingredient.Through this we can find crude protein content of Supercritical CO2is the highest,but crude fat content is the lowest。
    b Effect of color appearance:
    From three samples we found, hot air drying group product was brown, significantly shrinking situation. The original muscle tissue also can not see clearly。Supercritical CO2drying produced white powder,Compared with the hot air drying group, the shrinkage is small, the muscle lines are very clear, there is a crack. Vacuum freeze drying group of products is white, the appearance of a good, no shrinkage phenomenon, muscle lines.As the following shown:
The picture of three drying method to nutritional ingredient
    The picture of three drying method to nutritional ingredient
    We measure the brightness, the red degree and the Yellow degree of the sample.And obtain the excel:
The influence of three drying method to colour
    The influence of three drying method to colour
    c Amount of microorganism:
    To measure the number of bacteria and the large intestine bacteria in dry goods.and find the large intestine bacteria and bacteria of supercritical CO2drying group is very low,This is due to its special sealed dry environment。While vacuum freeze drying, although its low temperature can inhibit the growth of bacteria, but can not completely kill the bacteria。As the following shown。
he influence of three drying method to Amount of microorganism
    Effects of three kinds of drying techniques on the number of microorganisms in Tilapia
    The choosen of drying Tilapia
    In the above article《Aquatic product drying equipment》We also talked about the choice of water products drying equipment。In Tilapia have passed the above comparison, we found the use of supercritical CO2drying technology can keep the tilapia high protein content, the product fat content is lower, the appearance and so on all meet the requirements of the product.And,supercritical CO2 dryers also has the role of sterilization, saving equipment investment。

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