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4A zeolite drying equipment_flash dryers for Na12AL12Si12O48·27H2O

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        4A zeolite drying equipment
        With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, our country in the prevention of eutrophication do a lot of important initiatives, which have a is for control of phosphorus containing compounds.In the very early days, we use the detergent with phosphorus.After continuous research, found that the use of 4A zeolite can replace one hundred percent phosphorus additives(the usula is sodium tripolyphosphate)。The market effect will bring:Increasing demand of 4A zeolite. Growing demand on yield, dry 4A zeolite has become a new topic. What are 4A zeolite drying equipment drying is the most appropriate?
        4A zeolite drying machine
        In the production of smaller, mainly using the 4A zeolite boiling dryer.The 4A zeolite dryer although the investment is small, but in terms of energy consumption of equipment, production requirements, covering space, there is a big problem.To improve the yield of 4A zeolite, it must find another 4A zeolite drying equipment, then choose what 4A zeolite drying equipment can meet these requirements? Coincides with the flash drying technology from abroad, so many domestic counterparts found a new method for drying 4A zeolite.Animation demo of 4A zeolite dryers
        Na12AL12Si12O48·27H2O drying equipment
        The reason why flash dryer can be 4A zeolite drying equipment choice, the main reason is the following characteristics of 4A zeolite drier:
        1 Reverse airflow drying, heat transfer, mass transfer and effective heat dissipation area, small area, low heat loss, high thermal efficiency, up to 60% ~ 75%;
        2 Volumetric heat transfer coefficient is high, generally reach2326~6978W/(m3·C)。The airflow velocity high,reach40~50m/s;
        3 The temperature of drying medium high, generally reach200℃~700℃;the short time of drying,as the usual to.5~2s.
        4 4A zeolite has five layers of the lower part of the drier to crushing mechanism,The upper part of a classifier, evaporation, drying, crushing, grading in one,The drying of zeolite 4A final moisture content less than 0.3% and the product moisture content uniformity,The final product was almost restored to the original particles.
        5 The drying process is adopted in the whole process of negative pressure operation, to achieve clean production;At the same time, using the model of pulse bag type dust collector, high recovery rate of finished products,more than99%.
        6 Continuous feeding by automatic screw feeder, continuous product, realize the continuous production, large production capacity. Therefore, in the selection of 4A zeolite drying equipment, selection of flash dryer is has certain theoretical basis.
        Na12AL12Si12O48·27H2O drying machine
        4A zeolite of spin flash dryer in improving the production capacity, reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution and so on has a prominent advantage. In the actual production produced good economic efficiency and economies of scale effect, effectively improve the competition ability of the enterprise. Therefore, powder drying process is similar to that of 4A zeolite in physical properties, spin flash dryer has great popularization value.If you want to know more about drying machine,or want to get the price of the drying mahcine,welcome to contact us.TEL:13809072359!
4A zeolite drying machine
4A zeolite drying equipment
4A zeolite dryers

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