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Fe3O4 drying equipment_iron oxide black dryers_iron oxide black drying machine

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    Apply of iron oxide black dryers:
    Iron oxide black is the usual common material,in life it also known as a magnet.Its scientific name is Fe3O4,and also the formula is Fe3O4.As the Oxide of the iron,the mainly apply is used to produced primer, paint and Polish,In addition to the characteristics of iron oxide black can also be used for recording tape and telecommunications equipment of the raw materials。All of us known that finished product with strong heat,When the product temperature reaches 52, the oxidation reaction occurs due to the oxidation reaction with the heat release,And the speed of the heat to accelerate the oxidation reaction, resulting in the oxidation of iron oxide black completely red.
    Fe3O4 drying equipment
    The different production processes of iron oxide black, but have black iron oxide drying section. The common raw materials, washing, reaction, filtration, iron oxide black cake state,At this time the water content reached 50%-60%,The iron oxide black powder that is in conformity with the requirements of the product is required after drying and crushing. It can be said that in the production process, the drying process is Fe3O4 very important. Traditional iron oxide black drying process is mainly by Van dryer or drum dryer, the first after being dried by crusher crushing after weighing and packing. Because of the strong heat sensitive material with oven need to constantly flip tray, ensure raw material is heated evenly, and the temperature of the oven not more than 80 degrees. And the use of roller drier due to the drying process is complicated, low drying efficiency, high labor intensity, product quality also exist is not light. Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty after many experiments and experience summary that Fe3O4 drying can adopt flash dryer.
    Iron oxide black dryers
    Flash drying technology is will son-in-law spray drying and fluidized bed drying combined with development and high efficient drying technology, has good drying characteristics of heat sensitive materials. In the dry, it also has the function of crushing。As the flash dryersto dealwith the material,Its operating speed is set to 5-5.5m/s,In order to avoid the occurrence of sticky wall。In addition,In the flash of the drying host set water cooling device, in order to meet the requirement of shade of the products, dry powder products of rapid cooling. In Fe3O4 later dried by cyclone collected black iron oxide powder temperature at 60-65℃, in order to avoid the occurrence of oxidation reaction in the process of storage and need to set a hollow blade cooling machine cooling.
Iron oxide black dryers
Iron oxide black drying machine
Fe3O4 drying equipment
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