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Succinic Acid dryers_C4H6O4 drying machine

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    Succinic Acid dryers
    C4H6O4 had been called as Amber Acid,it is the very common one of pharmaceutical materials .During the production process,it need to be used drying equipment for drying and dehydration.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd)studied the characteristics of the drying technology,Its melting point and boiling point is not high(Melting point 185℃,Boiling point 235℃),In the selection of drying equipment to avoid high temperature drying.In the process of drying, the fluidized bed dryer can be selected for drying.
    C4H6O4 drying machine
    In the process of drying the succinate, the moisture content of the wet material is about 0.5%,Temperature is 30℃,After drying, the moisture content less than 0.3%(it can be adjusted according to actual requirements).In addition, feeding speed is6.5m³/h,the bulk density of the finished product is 0.7kg/L,Particle size is 0.5×2mm.
    In the process of drying the acid with the use of the fluidized bed drying equipment, the acid wet material is controlled by the wind turbine and the material is controlled by the wind turbine.(60℃),Two stage low temperature cooling and drying(20℃).Under the action of excitation force, the material is jumping on the air distribution plate, the air is filtered,is heated to a certain temperature, the air entering the dryer leeward chamber,Material in the vibration force and the air distribution under the dual role of the wind, the air flow is suspended in contact with the hot air flow, and the heat medium between the fierce turbulence,The heat and mass transfer process can be enhanced, and the dry product is discharged from the discharging port,Evaporation of water and waste gas after the cyclone separator, into the atmosphere. The bed body is provided with a stable pressure of the air chamber..Regulation of induced draft fan, to maintain the micro negative pressure box on the bed succinate upper material and maintain good dry environment and prevent leakage of dust succinate.
    Amber Acid fluidized bed drying equipment
   During the design process of Amber Acid fluidized bed drying equipment,The structure of the device has been adjusted,There are some different places with the traditional drying equipment:
   Form of Amber Acid fluidized bed dryer:
    Air supply side:rainproof shutter,air network,initial effect G4,blower,medium effect H7、finned heat exchanger.Air exhaust:
    Air-out part:initial effect G4,lower,The exhaust outlet is connected with a circuit of air pipe into the fan inlet section, for air circulation.
    Dust dealwith:The dust of the dryer exhaust air: the pulse bag filter, pulse compression air. Set up under the dust remover~0.5m³Collecting material barrel timing collection.
    Tail gas dust: the use of water recycling exhaust gas treatment tower, the water cycle of the pipeline pump, water use of water.
    The material collected: the dryer adopts vibration sieve collection, sieving and bagging directly.
    Control feed quantity: by controlling the adjustment of the air blower.
    Control temperature: the temperature sensor of the air duct is provided, and the steam flow of the fin type heat exchanger is controlled..
    Control air quantity : the air flow meter is provided with the air flow meter to control the air flow meter to control the air blower.
    Dry control air pressure: the pressure difference between the dryer into the air and exhaust air, and the control system to control the wind turbine.
    Control filter pollution: set up differential pressure meter between filter and out of filter, and detect the pollution of filter..
    Energy:Saturated industrial steam,pressure 0.35MPa,220V power,50Hz/380V power,50Hz.
    Compressed air:Meter used,0.7MPa.
    Amber Acid fluidized bed dryer
    In the process of design and manufacture of succinate drying equipment, material selection takes into account the energy consumption and the cost of the equipment.Perot acid dryer host adopts stainless steel 316L,Auxiliary as the 304(Internal surface mechanical polishing,roughness is Ra≤0.4μm;Outer surface using the 2B original plate).In actual production, it can also be used in the practice of carbon steel outsourcing stainless steel.Welding parts using mechanical polishing,roughness is Ra≤0.8μm;Welding with argon gas shielded welding, all weld inspection, after mechanical polishing treatment!Fan for galvanized steel, the outer color steel plate, the inner 304 plate, for the polyurethane foam box, the structure of aluminum alloy structure.Duster:Mainly material is 304 steel plate,Compressed air pipeline:Ad 304 steel tube.Wind tube as the 304 steel tube with Argon arc welding,Heat exchanger is used in the 304 tubes and fins,Vibration sieve as 316L with the mainly material,Screen mesh as the 316L silk screen.
    Pictures of succinic acid dryers
succinic acid dryers

C4H6O4 drying machine

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