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Drying machine for ammonium citrate_Ammonium citrate drying equipment

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        Drying machine for ammonium citrate
        Ammonium citrate is mainly used by industry, fertilizer, plating and food.The main raw material for producing is citric acid(click and watchDrying machine for ammonium citrate)and ammonia,After drying, ammonium citrate powder was obtained.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) according to characteristics of ammonium citrate drying,As well as the development of ammonium citrate drying equipment, the most suitable drying equipment for citric acid is summarized.
        Ammonium citrate drying equipment
        Fluidized bed drying equipment is the common one of drying industry,also is the famous one of our production.The working principle of the dryer: the oscillating force makes the wet material fluidization,and continuously to the direction of the feeding mouth jump forward.In this process, the hot air and bottom blowing up for heat exchange, the wet material in the water is evaporated.Finally, the dry powder of the material is obtained..The wet air will pass through the cyclone separator, and then go through the bag filter, and then the material is collected and drained.
        Drying equipment for ammonium citrate
        As our company's flagship product——Drying equipment for ammonium citrate,There are some differences between the conventional drying equipment at the present market:
        ●The flow chamber height and dust trapping can be adjusted according to the drying process of ammonium citrate..
        ●Use of imported vibration motor drive, smooth operation, low noise, long life, easy maintenance.
        ●High thermal efficiency,Than the general citric acid ammonium dryer can save energy about 30%.The temperature distribution of the bed is uniform, there is no local overheat phenomenon, the fluidization is uniform, and no dead angle is the phenomenon.
        ●The moving speed and the amplitude can be adjusted within the scope of the material in the design of the thickness of the material and the machine, good adjustability, wide range of application.
        ●To the surface damage is small, even if the particles are irregular, can be used normally, do not affect the drying effect of the material.
        ●The use of fully enclosed structure design, effectively prevent the cross contamination of citric acid and the outside environment, the environment is clean, can be continuous operation, in accordance with GMP standards.
        ●To meet the requirements of the process, the use of multiple series in series to meet the requirements of the material drying.
        ●Can be based on the need to enter the wind or online screening design.
        Ammonium citrate drying equipment
        The following picture is about the producing processing of drying ammonium citrate.
Ammonium citrate drying machine
Ammonium citrate dryer
Ammonium citrate drying equipment
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