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Silver carp drying&depydration_Choose drying equipment of fish

Time:2015-09-14  Creator:Yi Du

    Fish is an essential food on our table along the coast.In the north of our country need to eat a bowl of fish in the new year's Eve,it means that every year has enough thing to spend.China's large area of freshwater fish species, is also rich, one of the most common freshwater fish are silver carp.
    Silver carp is a kind of freshwater fish in China's largest breeding,It is characterized by high protein content and meat quality.But also because the fish spines, meat fishy, relatively low price.In order to extend the market of silver carp, need to increase the added value of the silver carp, processed into fillets and other products are in a big way. In the process of deep processing of silver carp in the drying is essential, is also a very important step.
    The drying method of silver carp
    Our country's dry technology development is very fast, many new drying equipment is introduced into the actual production in our country. At the beginning of drying of silver carp fillets, is used in hot air drying equipment. The drying effect is not very ideal, and there is over - drying. At present in the dry silver carp industry the most common is the use of microwave drying and microwave vacuum drying equipment.
    In order to distinguish between the three kind of method is more suitable for silver carp,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd)carried out the check experiment.From moisture content、Content of TBARS(Measure of fat oxidation),colour and lustre,smell to judging.
    Choose drying equipment of fish:
   Through experiments, we found that the hot air drying time was the longest,in the experiment,Microwave dryer cost 5~7min to drying silver carp fillet untill the moisture content reach 15%,Microwave vacuum drying equipment to meet the requirements in 5 minutes,and hot air drying needed 2h.
    Content analysis of TBARS,TBARS content of aldehydes and ketones in the degradation of the fat in the fish fillet.If the content is too high, it will lead to a smell of fish.After measurement, we found that the content of TBARS in the hot air drying group was the highest, and the microwave drying group was the lowest in TBARS.Appropriate increase of microwave power can effectively reduce the content of TBARS.And after experiment, we also found that the change of vacuum degree had no obvious effect on TBARS content, which was different from our expectation.
    Smell:Silver carp fillets products need some barbecue flavor, which requires certain products after thermal reaction. In the three groups, the hot air drying group has a more rich flavor.
    Silver carp drying microwave drying equipment
    Through the comparison of the experimental data, we found that microwave drying equipment has the characteristics of shorter drying time, low fat oxidation degree, rich aroma and so on. Is the first choice of silver carp dryer drying.

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