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Soybean drying machine

Time:2015-09-14  Creator:Yi Du

    China is one of the main producing countries of soybean,our main production of soybean varieties are also more,there are soy,lima beans,black soya bean and so on.Soybean as raw material, after processing, made of soy products, also favorite by many people's.The common soy products: soy milk, tofu, and blind.Thousands of years ago, China began to used tofu as the food.The nutrients of soybean are very high,the mainly as protein(40%),axunge(20%).In order to make the deep processing of the bean product quality is good, the raw material of soybean also need to be quality.Due to the impacts of climate factors, soybean prone to mildew;Due to storage requirements, but also need to be treated by drying equipment, its moisture content is reduced to 13%.So drying process is necessary.
    Because of its cell wall is very hard, the migration of internal moisture is greatly affected by the drying process.(about water translocation,welcome to readWhat is the drying rate),Because the internal moisture can not smoothly migrate to the surface, the internal moisture temperature, the pressure will increase, and finally the soybean surface rupture.So,during the process of drying soy,we need high demand for temperature control.Our company after many experiments, summed up the following experience:
    1 Heating temperature shall not exceed 35℃
    2 Drying medium (as the hot air with the usual)between 80~90℃.
    3 drying time about 45min.
    In order to improve the drying rate of soybean, we carried out experiments with different drying machines,and found using the twin-stage drying machine,In the first stage of drying, the drying medium temperature to 90℃,the temperature of the soybean was about 25℃;In the course of the second stage drying, the drying medium temperature decreases 80℃,Soybean temperature was measured 35℃,After drying, the quality of soybean was good, and the occurrence of rupture was only 0.5%.
    And not all of the soybeans its temperature is above the appropriate range, such as dry oil refining with soybeans(mainly used for industrial oil), due to the different uses, the temperature of the drying medium can be reached150℃,At this time the temperature of the material to reach 55℃,But the probability of its rupture will be improved accordingly.
    Due to the nature of the material, the selection of the drying equipment, the relevant parameters of the setting will be very different.So,if you have any porblems about drying equipment,welcome to contact us,We have the most professional engineers whom can answer your questions.Tel:13809072359

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