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Brewer's grains drying machine_brewer's grains flash dryers equipment

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    Apply of brewer's grain
    Beer is the best drink in summer,as the barley malt, hops, water to the main raw material,Low alcohol liquor made from yeast.brewer's grain is the main by-product of beer production.As the usual 1 tons of beer will produce 0.25 tons of beer bad.brewer's grain contains a lot of nutrients:Protein, amino acid.At present, the utilization of the beer is mainly in the feed.Wet beer is very easy to deteriorate, it will also cause the transportation of the same.Usually the material is dried.The above article《Brewer's grains drying machine》is we studied ago.brewer's grain drying technology has a long history, many different types of drying equipment,for example the article of 《The parameters of dryer equipment》had mention.Our company of the material in a systematic study by flash drying technology is advanced, increased production, to meet the requirements of product quality, and reduce the cost of production.

    Brewer's grains dryers
    Our company is using a beer factory to provide brewer's grains.(Have mechanical dehydration dehydration, the moisture content of about 65%).The brewer's grains density of the beer is 372.8kg/m³,Detect the true density about 1100kg/m³,The density is calculated in the dry state 377kg/m³.watch the data,Specific heat is about 1.55kj/(kg.k)。View the drying curve and get the idea:Constant speed drying section, the wet content of the material is 9%~34%,The wet content of the material is 9%。Moisture content require after drying:no more than 13%。
    Brewer's grains dryers equipment
    Test using a flash dryer of Brewer's grains processing flow diagram as follows
Flow chart of Brewer's grains flash dryer
    The above pictures is about flow chart of Brewer's grains flash dryers
    One of them:1-hot air furnace;2-bell and hopper;3-air distribution device;4-broken blade spindle;5-Host of flash drying machine;6-cyclone separator;7-fan;8-bag-type dust collector;9-diffuser;10-grading plant
    In order to determine the relevant parameters, we carried out the orthogonal test.Among these the temperature no more than 300℃(From the viewpoint of energy consumption, the 150 is appropriate.),Feeding speed shall not exceed 131.4kg/h,The wind speed of the fan is set to 5.05m/s,The speed of the rotating flash at the bottom of the host machine set 500r/min.
Brewer's grains dryers
Brewer's grains dryers equipment
Brewer's grains drying equipment
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