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Vegetable depydration machine_Dehydrating vegetable drying machine

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Vegetable depydration machine
Depydrated vegetable have been called as the complex of vegetables,it is one of the most common ingredients in the fast food.Fresh vegetables after washing, the use of dry method of drying and dehydration of vegetables, you can make dehydrated vegetables.After drying,Dehydrated vegetables can be very good to retain the original nutrients and color of vegetables.In addition, after the process of the drying of vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, the volume is smaller, lighter weight, easy to transport and storage.During the production processing of dehydrated vegetables, it is one of the very important processes for the drying of vegetables.The earliest dehydrated vegetable is a vacuum freeze dryer, and then dehydrated vegetables and microwave drying equipment, expansion dryer, infrared drying equipment and hot air dryer.The common one isDehydrating vegetable drying machine.
Dehydrating vegetable drying machine
With the development of the domestic drying technology, the production cost of dehydrated vegetables is gradually reducing.Among of them dehydrated vegetable microwave drying machine,dehydrated vegetable far infrared drying equipment and dehydrated vegetable freeze drying equipment,Due to high cost or excessive energy consumption was eliminated.Dehydrated vegetable drying equipment represented by vegetable drying box is becoming popular and famous.Vegetable drying oven belongs to hot air drying equipment, which is characterized by low investment, easy operation and can be used in many processes.The principle of dehydrated vegetable drier:Electric or steam heating air, and the hot air into the drying room for continuous drying of vegetables.The moisture in the vegetables is taken away by the dry air to achieve the effect of the vegetables drying.Dewatering and drying with a belt type drying equipment,there are some question:In order to ensure the output and the drying effect of dehydrated vegetables, there must be a continuous uninterrupted hot air through the drying chamber,In addition, the need to take the hot and humid air in a timely manner, to ensure that the dry air humidity is not too high.This has caused the problem of low thermal efficiency and energy consumption.Domestic energy shortage, it is urgent to find a lower energy consumption of dehydrated vegetables drying process.Our company recommend heating pump dryers ! Depydrated vegetable special use dryers
The technology originated in the late eighty 's of the last century, in our country and not widely used.Hot air drying equipment is used to evaporate the moisture in the air of the drying chamber, and then to re heat the air after drying.Vegetable depydration choosing the hot pump dryers,Vegetable drying machine to select heat pump dryer, can make full use of the latent heat of water vapor, so as to reduce the consumption of energy.In addition, the drying equipment to act as a dehydration drying machine, the material in dry indoor heating low,as the usual is 30-60℃,it suitable for heat sensitive vegetables.The dehydration and drying machine of the vegetable has some characteristics:Drying time is short, the color of the product and the taste is in line with the requirements of the process.Our company uses the dehydrated vegetable special dryer to carry out the simulation experiment,Drying the garlic, ginger, onion and green pepper,The structue of equipment as following:
Vegetable depydration machine
The above pictures is about dehydrating vegetable drying machine
In the processing of depydrating vegetable,the drying time cost about 8 hours.After drying,The recovery rate and qualified rate of dehydrated vegetables are all up to 90%.
The price of vegetable depydration machine
My company specializes in design of various types of vegetable dehydration dryer.The drying equipment we design play a important role in Wild vegetables drying.If you need to order the vegetables dehydration drying equipment to welcome the contact with my company.Our company welcome to your sample,so it is more accurate for the selection of dehydrated vegetables drying equipment!Our company free of charge for you to provide small vegetables dehydration drying machine of sample, details can be consulting company access to more dehydration dried vegetable!Tel:13809072359

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