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Drying machine for fish feed_Fish feed drying machine

Time:2015-09-16  Creator:Yi Du

Fish feed drying machine
Popular saying the fish feed to the fish and shrimp's food.There are some protein, vitamin in the fish feed.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,LTD)carried out the research about Feed drying machine,carried out the simulation test Phosphate dryers磷酸盐zinc sulfate dryersManganese sulfate drying machine from first to last.During the production process, the most important steps are drying, mixing and granulating.

The water resistance of the pellet fish feed is one of the most important indexes.In order to dry out the requirements of fish feed particles, a large number of enterprises were carried out on a large number of fish feed drying test.The product is obtained by mixing, heating, drying and cooling.Obviously, the fish feed drying method is too complicated.Our company uses the spray bed drying equipment to dry the fish feed, can get the fish feed pellet dry product that meets the requirements.
At present,the common drying technology are Drum granulator,Mixing granulation,Spray granulation,Wet granulation and Fluidization granulation.Among these,the spray drying equipment belong to fluidized bed dryers technology.In the article above about  The different between spray dryer and fluidized dryers we talked about the technology.As the hot-sale productiong in the granulation industry,is the application of fish feed drying?
It is useful for drying fish-feed to use the spray drying machine,Fish feed particles continue to grow, the size of the slow increase.This is beneficial to improve the strength and water resistance.The equipment structure as the following shown
Fish-feed drying machine
The picture above is about fish-feed drying machine.
After my company's simulation experiment, the use of fluidized bed drying equipment to dry fish feed is possible.The drying equipment has the advantages of low investment, small area and low energy consumption.
Prawn slices feed drying machine
At present,it is hot research of shrimp, crab, sea-fish.Traditional seedling raising mainly rely on natural bait,just like unicellular algae, rotifers an so on.Because of the climate,it often supply is not adequate to the demand.The effect method is feed on aquatic products with artificial diet.The sheet feed because is the earliest used for culturing shrimp products, it is known as the Prawn Crackers feed.For the flake feed,some drying equipment use the traffic technology,it frequent low yield and low quality.Our company recommend to choose drum drying equipment!
The drum drying equipment belong to conduction type dryer,it is common to Phosphate rock drying machineAluminium silicate drying machinePAC drying machine聚合氯化铝,and the fish-feed is the first example.
Flake feed in order to keep the final shape of the product as flake,extra attention should be paid to the drying process.
It is the simple process of drying flake feed:After the upstream mix of feed and semi - finished products, to adjust the pulp, and then into the drum drying equipment for drying.Browsethe process of drying flake feed:Animation demo of rotary drum drying technology
The data of drying fish-feed after our simulation experiment:
Vapo tension:0.3MPa;
Slurry concentration:30%;
Rotation rate:1000r/min;
Additive:7% about 901;

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