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Honeycomb activated carbon drying machine_Cracked reason of drying honeycomb activated carbon

Time:2015-09-16  Creator:Yi Du

    Activated carbon itself has the absorption of harmful substances and clean air.And the honeycomb activated carbon as the material with high quality coal,after processing the product obtained.With higher adsorption capacity and longer life.The honeycomb activated carbon is widely used in organic matter, denitrification and other dealwith.
    Honeycomb activated carbon drying machine
    The mainly drying method to preparation of honeycomb activated carbon is extrusion method,The mainly process:Active carbon raw materials to be added the right amount of binder and lubricant.Caaried out water mixing,After aging, mud,Abrasive extrusion, drying,Inert atmosphere roasting,get the production.
    In the process of drying,At present, there are two kinds of drying process, hot air drying and microwave drying.Between hot air drying,because of temperature gradient and humidity gradient in the opposite direction,during the drying process,The face slab wall and hot air entrance side body temperature is higher than the internal temperature of billet, water diffusion speed,The internal diffusion velocity is slow, and the dry shrinkage of the two end face of the wall is different from that of the body,The result is the appearance of the outer wall cracking and crack opening, and the frequency is higher, the finished product rate is relatively low.Relatively speaking,Microwave drying is to heat the body inside and outside the body,The temperature gradient and humidity gradient direction are the same, the drying time is short, and it is not easy to crack.
    Cracked reason of drying honeycomb activated carbon
    The effect of drying equipment has been eliminated, which has caused the cracking of honeycomb activated carbon?Our limited experiments were conducted on the mud, the liquid-solid ratio, binder into consideration.After data analysis, the following conclusions are obtained:
    1 The binder selection error is the main reason for the cracking of honeycomb activated carbon.
    2 The use of sepiolite and cellulose ether as a binder, can effectively improve the quality.
    3 The best solution to solid mass ratio is 0.91:1,Mainly in activated carbon saturated water absorption as a measure of standard.
    4 Aging can effectively improve the finished product rate,The general process takes time about 20 hours.
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