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Milk powder drying equipment_Milk powder drying machine

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    The process of milk powder spray dryers
   In the drying process of milk powder,it is necessary for drying.The quality of the final product is affected by the quality of the final product.In the traditional dry milk powder is mainly used spray drying tower.The advantages:fast drying,high quality and high yield.The spray drying town own the advantages in the material drying,the spray dryers we designed get the verification in the industry of Chestnut powder drying machine板栗粉Covering slag drying machinePotassium pyrophosphate drying technology.
    The design of milk powder spray drying equipment
    As the following shown,the structure sketch map of milk powder spray dryers:
The structure diagram of milk powder spray drying machine
    The above is about the structure diagram of milk powder spray drying machine.Among 1-Air filter;2-Blower;3-Common heat sources;4-Spray dryer main town;5-Cyclone separator;6-Sceond level separation;7- Induced draft fan;8-Duster;9-Barrel;10-Feed pump.(In the picture,there are many equipment about heating part and two level,it is mainly in the fight of different company(energy-consumaption、the technology of production),support the related types.)
    The principle of milk powder spray drying machine
    It is the common equipment of milk powder spray drying equipment in the dairy product industry.The air filtered by filter,Heating to the heat source device by the air blower to 220℃,hot air is sent to the air distributor at the top of the spray drying tower,the hot air coming out of the hot air distributor is in a spiral form into the drying chamber.Liquid milk is pumped from the screw pump to the top of the drying tower,the milk powder, the atomizer atomized into tiny liquid fog at the end of the group,hot air contact with the top of the fog,heat exchange,the water in the formula is obtained with enough heat and then gasification(Water into gas),taken by air, air humidity, temperature drop. After drying the mixture into the material and air into the cyclone separator, there is a very small amount of product in the air. The air passes through the high pressure pulse bag filter for dust collection. The collection rate of the product can reach 99.5%. Tail gas is discharged by the ventilator.

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