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The production line of coffee dryers

Time:2015-09-18  Creator:Yi Du

    Coffee, as one of the world's top three drinks, is favored by many people.Coffee production and processing enterprises are also springing up.For transportation and storage, the coffee must be dry.So as to ensure the shelf life and taste of coffee.In order to dry out a sense of Coffee, we repeatedly discussed research,and deside using the equipment of spray drying technology or boiling granulating equipment.
    Cyclone spray drying technology is the common technolgoy of liquid process forming and drying industry,it fit of powder and particles refined by the solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid pump.It is reasonable to choose a centrifugal spray dryer to dry the coffee.The air filtered by the filter,heating by air blower into air heater,After heating the air with a certain quantity of heat is sent to the air distributor at the top of the drying tower,The hot air coming out of the hot air distributor is in a spiral form into the drying chamber,after contact with the coffee material in the centrifugal atomization, the heat exchange is started,the phase change after the wet enough heat(Evaporation of water),taken by air,and water vaporization, air humidification,reduce Temp.After drying the coffee by the end of the tower for recycling,tail gas come across cyclone separator,after the separation of the product in delivery system into the drying tower,the bottom is setup with air vibration hammer,dried material can be collected and discharged in a timely manner,dust collecting rate can be reached 99%,The tail gas is pumped out by the air blower.Lead at the outlet of fan installed muffler,noise can be controlled in 75Db.   The whole set of equipment is stable, operation is simple, can be continuous production.It is the best type of drying material equipment.
    The drying coffee particles,setted in the raw material container, the flow state of the boiling motion,heated air preheating and mixing after purification,evaporation of moisture from the wet material,This process is repeated to form an ideal, uniform and porous spherical particles.The advantage of using boiling granulating equipment:fuse with blender-granulate-drying-step.granulated and so on;double bag trapping system,dusted cleaning;multi fluid atomizer,ensure uniform,low powder content;adding coat for powder and grain;fit GMP design specifications、manufacturing and engineering configuration layout.
    According to the production requirements, product requirements should be free to choose centrifugal spray dryer or boiling granulating equipment.If you need learn about choosing the drying coffee machine,welcome to cantact us.Tel:13809072359

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