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Flower dryers_Technology of carnation vacuum freeze dryers

Time:2015-09-18  Creator:Yi Du

    The apply of dried flowers
    Dried flowers had became the new popular decorations in recent years.Dried flower take fresh flower as the raw material,produced after process of drying&proctecting color.Dried flowers can can keep original color and appearance,and saved more time.At present,it had been used widely in coffee shops, theme restaurants, home decoration.
    Present situation of drying flowers
At present, the flower drying process in China is not perfect, and its flower varieties are relatively simple.Mainly in the wild flowers as raw material for production, and its drying process is more of the original natural drying or drying and other means,After drying the flowers were bleached artificial coloring.This makes the color and natural posture of the dry flower has been greatly affected, but also caused a low added value of the reason one of the reasons.How to maintain the original color of flowers, need to start from the drying process.Our company get inspiration from《Chrysanthemum drying techonlogy》and《Fern drying equipment》,the color and appearance of the material can be effectively protected by vacuum freeze drying machine.
    The character of flower vacuum freeze drying equipment
    Vacuum freeze drying equipment is one of popular drying technology today,it can keep the color and shape,After drying,it can control browning reaction of microorganisms and enzymes.Our company caaried our the vacuum freeze drying about beatiful carnation .
    Carnation vacuum freeze drying equipment
   Carnation can be called as dianthus caryophyllus,it own high ornamental value,it symbol of mother's Day.The process of carnation vacuum freeze dryers:
    Choosen of flowers→Pr-handle→Vacuum freeze drying machine→Post processing。
    At first,we should filter the flowers,and then caaried out pre-handle.Cut down the part below 40mm of carnation,The use of fabric leaves fixed on the foam board.First put it in the refrigerator to pre-freeze 30h,And then put it in the freezer below -80℃ about 4h,and then carried out drying in the vacuum freeze drying machine about14h。
   The advantages of carnation vacuum freeze drying equipment
   Using the vacuum freeze machine can keep the shape and color effectively .It is the best method in the drying flowers industry!
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