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Vacuum freeze drying machine of western medicine

Time:2015-09-18  Creator:Yi Du

    The article about Analytical drying of freeze drying equipmentWe talk about the use of vacuum drying technology to dry the various stages of the material. Today, the cold dry process for the western medicine for everyone to carry out a simple. Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.Professional design and drying equipment, welcome to communicate with you.Tel:13809072358
At the first,pre-treatment of western medicine.Because of the special nature of the drug, it is generally in the bottle, there is also a bulk.So the vacuum dryer must be equipped with stainless steel sanitary ware.Common is the stainless steel tray or flat glass dish.Choose the right vessel in the choice of the material to be dried.In order to be more convenient in operation, the general size should not be too large, the length and width of the 500mm.The commn thickness is about 0.1mm,In order to prevent warping degeneration leading to the chassis and the tray shelf contact is not completely.In the framework of a polyethylene film. After the formal entry into the vacuum drying stage.
    Pre-freezing stage:In the article of Pre-freeze drying of freeze drying equipment we talked about that,there are tow method.In the pre-freeze of western medicine,western medicine itself does not require biological activity,only raise rate.So we can get the method as slow freezing,So as to form a relatively large ice crystals, for the subsequent sublimation of the dry stage to prepare.
    Sublimation drying stage:After slow freezing, the sublimation rate is greatly improved.When the following phenomena can be judged in the end of sublimation stage:
   Drying temperature rises to close to the shelf temperature;
   The interface between the dry layer and the freezing layer reaches the bottom of the bottle and disappears.;
   The pressure drop in the drying chamber is close to that of the water vapor condenser, and the pressure difference between the two is maintained.;
   When the valve is closed to the water vapor condenser, the pressure rise rate of the box is similar to that of the drying box.;
   When in the manifold when dry, the container of ice on the surface or the water disappeared, the temperature reached the ambient temperature.
   In the case of the above, the process is generally 1 hours after the end of the process.Objective to eliminate the effect of ice crystals on the drying rate of ice crystals.
   The stage of analytical drying:In western medicine, the perspective of the analysis of the dry stage can be defined as 0.5.After the analysis of the drying stage, the water cut is generally reach 0.5%——2.7.
    The use of frozen dried western medicine, to ensure that the quality of its quality is not affected, a large number of dry western medicine is feasible.

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