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Aluminium silicate drying machine

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   Apply of aluminium silicate
    Aluminium silicate is a clay as raw materials through melting, spray and other process of the material made of fiber.The chemical formula of aluminium silicate is Al2(SiO3)3,mainly used for glass, ceramics production and processing,In the paint, rubber and other production process as a filler.Aluminium silicateHas good heat resistance,among these are Aluminum silicate cotton、Over heat insulation cloth、Fire insulation rope,these are is made of aluminium silicate as raw material.
    Aluminium silicate dryers
    At present, the production of aluminum silicate is mainly used in the process of precipitation, the aluminum sulfate and sodium silicate as raw materials,produce precipitated aluminium silicate solution,And then through a series of aging, filtration, drying and other processes to make dry goods.Drying process is very important in production process.The dry method was studied and tested in China,Our company is no longer here.And Nanometer aluminium silicate and Polymerization luminium silicate drying technology own less data.Our company combines drying theory and production simulation test method to explore the drying method and the best drying equipment.
    Nanometer aluminium silicate microwave dryers
    Because of the remarkable physical and chemical properties of nano particles,it is currently the world's material industry is very popular research topics,it has a very broad prospects.Our company as a professional design and production of enterprises, the new material drying method for a large number of research.Among them, the drying process of nano materials is the focus of our research projects,at present,Our company's research and development, manufacture of drying equipment has been applied to the Nanometer magnesium hydroxide dryersNanometer zinc oxide dryers,better drying effect was obtained.
    The article above about《Drying nanostructured materials》,We have talked about the using of microwave drying equipment for nano material drying,the advantages:Clean, efficient, environmental protection, high thermal efficiency.Porducing the aluminium silicate on the chemical reaction between sodium aluminate and silicate solution,microwave drying of the precipitate.Which need to control the pH value of the generated solution(Between 9.5-10.5 is best),The size distribution of aluminium silicate powder is uniform;Appropriate addition of surface active agent —— povidone(polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP),to avoid the occurrence of aluminum silicate.
    Polymerization luminium silicate drum dryer
    Initial moisture of Polymerization luminium silicate is very high,large viscosity(2.449×10-3Pa·s),it has a certain heat sensitive(High drying temperature can lead to modification).Our company uses roller drying equipment for drying,Heat source as gas,the cloth is immersion.Polymerization luminium silicate drum dryer is the sample equipment in our company,the equipment structure is as following:
Polymerization luminium silicate drum dryer
    The picture above about polymerization luminium silicate drum dryer.1-Heating device(gas cylinder);2-Hopper;3-Aggregate bin;4-Scraper unloading system;5-Drum;6-Transmission system;7-Frame;
    The structure as following is polymerization luminium silicate drum dryer,The roller is a hollow metal cylinder,material quality is Q235(can choose stainless steel).The cylinder surface is the main heat conduction system of the equipment,where the central line of the end cover has a gas inlet and outlet pipe,the pipe can also be used for end shaft.When the drum is entered into the hopper.,Material liquid will form a uniform film on the surface of the roller.cylinder heat transfer,the evaporation of water in the material,finally, the unloading device is suspended.The drying process as following shown:
Polymerization luminium silicate drum drying process
    The pictures is about polymerization luminium silicate drum drying process.Browse and learn《Animation demo of drum scraper drying equipment》.
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