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Plating-sludge drying machine_Plating-sludge drying equipment

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    Plating-Wastewater Treatment
    Electroplating industry will produce more waste, which is one of electroplating sludge.Electroplating sludge is time to deal with electroplating wastewater generated.Electroplating sludge composition is more complex,there are mud,filter residue,copper, nickel, zinc and so on.Electroplating sludge is known as the National seventeenth hazardous waste.Traditional electroplating sludge treatment method for direct landfill,Finally, causing serious pollution to the surrounding environment.In recent years,Electroplating enterprises realize the seriousness of the problem,electroplating sludge have been processed,on which the heavy metal recycling.We called electroplating sludge treatment resources.About electroplating sludge treatment resources,not only reduces the pollution of the environment,but also to one of the metal elements for recycling,and increase economic efficiency.Since electroplating sludge contains a lot of water,electroplating sludge treatment is the first step be dried.
    Electroplating sludge drying equipment
    The article above about 《Fluidized bed drying technology : Sludge treatment》 and 《Sludge drying machine》,our company elaborated on similar materials ——sludge dryers,Drying equipment which is used for sludge fluidized bed dryer and a belt dryer sludge.Currently in drying industry,Research electroplating sludge drying technology focused on the use of belt drying equipment for drying,Few other electroplating sludge drying process drying.We spend many years of painstaking research,and get microwave drying equipment for electroplating sludge dewatering.
    Electroplating sludge dryer
    Microwave drying equipment own the biggest feature is fast heating,High thermal efficiency.To microwave dryer operating convenience,it will not cause pollution.
    Electroplating sludge dryers
    Our company independently designed drying equipment manufacturing structure diagram is as following shown:
Electroplating sludge dryers
Electroplating sludge drying equipment
Electroplating sludge drying machine
Structure diagram of microwave drying machine for electroplating sludge
    The electroplating sludge microwave dryer structure diagram as shown above.1-Feed port;2-Circulating air blower;3-Induced draft fan;4-Microwave tube;5-Discharging port;6-Equipment host;7-Air inlet;8-Desiccation Room;9-Hot air drying section.
    Electroplating sludge treatment process
    In order to measure the effect of drying and drying of the sludge, the contrast test of our company was carried out several times.After data analysis and results, we get the following conclusion.
    1 The increase of the amount of the sludge in the plating caused the dehydration rate to decrease.The reason of this situation is that when the amount of the electroplating sludge decreases, the volume of the whole sludge becomes smaller, which affects the absorption of the material.At this point blind to improve the microwave power will only cause a lot of waste .The electroplating sludge feed rate increases, the volume increases accordingly,Microwave absorbing materials will increase capacity, while finding from the chart dehydration rate of decline,But it can also be seen in the microwave unit mass utilization is very high.Adjustment on the amount of electroplating sludge dewatering and drying effect is not very large.
    2 Electroplating sludge drying process has a very obvious acceleration, constant speed, deceleration stage,The electroplating sludge drying, mainly in the constant-speed section.Adjust the phase of the drying cycle electroplating sludge dewatering rate has a very big impact.
    3 Adjust the microwave power will affect the electroplating sludge dewatering efficiency.When higher power, incentives for polar material moisture is also stronger,improve the efficiency of dehydration products, greatly reducing the electroplating sludge drying time.
    4 Electroplating sludge drying thickness has a certain influence on the drying efficiency,when increasing the thickness,it will cause evaporation efficiency of electroplating sludge water,the thickness will affect the yield is too low,also it caused an increase in the cost of drying.We in the thickness of the test in electroplating sludge is 25mm,specific decisions can have power drying equipment.
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