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High efficiency water reducer drying machine_Poly carboxylic acid system water reducer dryers

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    Effect of high efficiency water reducer
    Water reducer is an indispensable material in the modern construction industry.Water reducing agent can be used to reduce water consumption and increase the strength of concrete.At present, in reducing agent are the most common is poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent, aliphatic superplasticizer and the naphthalene series superplasticizer.Our country currently used most of the naphthalene series water reducer(Also known as the high efficiency water reducing agent, the second generation of water reducing agent),because of its low price and convenient use,have higher market share.Naphthalene superplasticizer has environmental pollution, such as excessive slump loss of light,Many domestic enterprises also gradually transition using poly carboxylic acid water reducer.(Also known as the third generation of water reducer, high performance water reducer)because of its more environmentally friendly, has been widely used in foreign countries.
    At present, there are mainly two kinds of liquid and powder,because of the advantages of powder type water reducing agent, the transportation is convenient,the main state of the water reducing agent.A lot of water reducer manufacturers mainly produce powder water reducer.In the production process, the need to reduce the solution through the drying process, and grain the powder.Our company as a design and production of the enterprise,Recommend:Use of spray dryer to drying water reducer!Browse the article 《Using the spray dryers to drying poly carboxylic acid water reducer聚羧酸减水剂 》.
    Poly carboxylic acid system water reducer spray dryers
    Structure diagram about poly carboxylic acid system water reducer as the following shown:
Structure diagram about poly carboxylic acid system water reducer
    The pictures about structure diagram of poly carboxylic acid system water reducer .
    The solution by the high-pressure pump through the pipeline to the atomizer,had been dried into small droplets.Under the action of hot air,heat exchange between the water and the hot air in the small drop.When the water evaporates, the dry water reducing agent powder is collected by the cyclone,The wet air is discharged into the atmosphere after filtering by the bag filter.Browse 《Demonstration of spray dryers
    Parameter setting of drying high efficiency water reducer
    Our company carried out orthogonal experiment,Determination of drying parameters of high efficiency water reducing agent.Into the wind about 523k(The index of reference water reducing agent about 350℃),the wind speed 0.5kg/s,flow rate of water reducing agent about 0.02kg/s,the inlet pressure of pressure atomizer about 2MPa.
    After spray drying,the humidity of the powder is 0.027,meet the requirements of product water content.Detection of powder particle size,Range about 0.055mm to 0.162mm,average particle size 0.122mm,also meet the requirements of product size.The powder can be obtained in accordance with the requirements of spray drying using the above drying parameters.
    Correlation of drying parameters can be viewed at:《The parameter determination of spray dryers》 and 《Correct setting about Air pressure&Air volume of fan install in the spray drying machine喷雾干燥机的送排风机风量分压的正确设置》,or you can contact us.Tel:13809072359

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