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Potassium phosphate drying machine_Potassium phosphate dryers

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        Drying potassium phosphate machine
        Potassium phosphate is called as Tripotassium Orthophosphate,Phosphoricacid and Tri-Potassium Orthophosphate,it is the common food addition,it is used widely as medicine, fertilizer.The mainly raw material of producing potassium phosphate:ortho-phosphoric acid and caustic potash(click and browse Caustic potash drying machine),after neutralization reaction and drying.Our company is engaged in food additives drying industry for many years, has many customers for many sets of drying equipment,just like Sodium phosphate drying machine and Sodium phosphate drying machine,has achieved very good drying effect.With years of experience in the company and the characteristics of potassium phosphate, the use of a fluidized bed dryer for drying potassium phosphate.
        Potassium phosphate drying technology
       The fluidized bed drying for K3PO4,the full name is about vibrating fluidized bed drying equipment.It is one of the most representative equipment of fluidized drying technology.As the mainly production in our company,the fluidized bed drying machine is used widely in the industry of Drying C4H7NaO4 machineSodium Hexametaphosphat drying machineTrisodium citrate dihydrate drying equipment and Drying C10H12FeN2NaO8·3H2O equioment ,it own the folowwing advantages:
        1.Due to the need of vibration,it can reduce the minimum fluidization gas velocity,so we can reduce the requirment of gas.And then reduce the dust of potassium phosphate,Set up with heater,fan,cyclone sperator and so on,the cost of complete sets of equipment will be reduced significantly, energy saving effect is obvious.
        2.The vibration amplitude of the vibration motor can be adjusted to change the material in the drying room. Reduce the uniformity and regularity requirements.
        3.Vibration is helpful to the dispersion of wet material,if chhseo the suitbale vibrating data,compared with the ordinary dryer,reduce the possibility of Channel and Reunite.
        4.Because of non-backmixing,the air speed is lower than ordinary dryer,it is damaged litte.
        5.Potassium phosphate is heated evenly, and the heat exchange is sufficient,Dry strength high,Can save energy by 30% compared with the ordinary dryer.
        6.The vibration source is driven by a vibration motor,Smooth operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, long life.
        7.As the material is heated by the hot air, the flow of the material is fluid.,Highly dispersed state, therefore, enhanced mass transfer heat transfer,Increase the strength of the dryer.Steady flow, no dead angle and blow through phenomenon.
        8.Potassium phosphate drying equipment to adapt to wide,It can be adapted to different gravity, grain size, water content and moisture content. Material layer thickness and moving speed in the machine and amplitude change can be achieved with no regulation, suitable for different production processes.
        Potassium phosphate drying machine
        The following picture is about the Potassium phosphate drying machine design by us.
Potassium phosphate drying equipment
Potassium phosphate drying machinetripotassium phosphate
Tripotassium phosphate drying equipment

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