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Na3PO4 drying machine_trisodium phosphate anhydrous dryers

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   Trisodium phosphate anhydrous dryers
    Na3PO4 is called as trisodium phosphate anhydrous。In cleaning agent can be used as corrosion inhibitor。It has a certain emulsifying effect, it can be said that the removal of the metal surface dirt best detergent。Time distribution,it need to reduce the moisture content about 5% to 0.5%。It is important to select the appropriate drying equipment.We choose a vibrating fluidized bed dryer for drying.In addition,My company has developed potassium phosphate drying machine and potassium phosphate drying machine,it have good drying effect。
   Trisodium phosphate drying equipment
    Our company as a technology oriented enterprises,characteristics of the material has been dried and research and development facilities as a priority task.As in the initial selection,I would make the following calculations based on the characteristics and other relevant parameters:
    a Dehydration heat: Q1=W Water (595+0.46×t2-1×θ1)= =5.4680×104kcal/h
    b Product temperature heat: Q2=W produce ×[0.35×(1-ω2)+1×ω2]×(θ21) = 1.3490×104 kcal/h
    c Equipment envelope heat loss: Q3= 0.2×(Q1+Q2)=1.3634×104 kcal/h
    d Mass flow calculation: G=(Q1+Q2+Q3)/(i1-i2-0.1×0.24×(t2-t0))=16764kg/h   [i1-i2=4.879kcal/kg]
    e Drying heat required:Q=G×(i1-i0)=16.09×104 kcal/h
    According to my company for many years the production and use practices vibration fluidized bed, set the drying chamber of the drying time of 5 minutes,Average spreading thickness 4~6cm;Deck of open porosity and perforation gas velocity fluidized bed mattress general opening ratio control about 3~10%,Perforated gas velocity about 0~16m/s。Perforated gas velocity on material(A larger proportion,small Dehydration rate) taken 12~13m/s(get 12.5),The deck opening rate εget 4.2~5%;Superheated steam logarithmic mean temperature difference Δtm=((tb-t0)-(tb-t1))/ln((tb-t0)/(tb-t1))=75.9℃;Based on experience,take the heat transfer coefficient of the heater:K=9kcal/㎡•h•℃(Superheated steam heat transfer coefficient is small),the heat transfer area:F=Q/(K×Δtm)=150㎡。Selection SRZ-type heat exchanger,pre-choose SRZ10×6D heat Exchanger。Cyclone with one set,choose a good long cone separation cyclone,Series:CZT950,In parallel with two sets。Single bed drying system drying wind L dry and cool down LcoolLdry =12.5×3600×7.5×4.2%=14175m3/h;The total amount of the wind L get ≈16500 m3/h;Blowers for one,A dried with hot air,series are 4-72 6C 15Kw;Induced draft fan for one, series about 9-26   9 D 37Kw。According to the heat system required air volume system:Q=19.08×104 kcal/h(Take inlet temperature50℃)。
    The above is my company and the results of the calculation process,for different production trisodium,master bed fluidized bed drying operation for drying equipment and other devices(just like heating device、Cyclone and so on)。Our company design drying machine for many years,if you have some porblem about drying technology,welcome to contact us。Tel:13809072359
    Na3PO4 drying machine
Na3PO4 dryers
Na3PO4 drying equipment
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