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Modified molecular sieve dryers_Modified molecular sieve drying equipment

Time:2015-09-24  Creator:Yi Du

    Molecular sieve dryers equipment
    Molecular sieve dryers分子筛 is the most important technology in our company,In order to design and manufacture a series of molecular sieve drying equipment,just like y series molecular sieve drying machine and Superstable molecular sieve drying equipment, Last month, I was a large molecular sieve and a large molecular sieve regeneration cooperation,it can design the Molecular sieve regeneration drying equipment,Currently running well, to meet the requirements of production.Modification of molecular sieve drying equipment in the production process of modified molecular sieve drying equipment is used to study the drying characteristics of modified molecular sieve, and draw the idea of similar molecular sieve drying equipment design.
    Modified molecular sieve drying machine
    The drying equipment used for modifying the molecular sieve is used as a rotary kiln for the drying equipment of modified molecular sieve,the speed of equipment about 250kg/h,Can be modified molecular sieve(about 15%) wet material drying(1%).There are five stages during drying,the highest Temp is about 600℃,The residence time of modified molecular sieve wet material in the kiln about 3 hours.As the modified molecular sieve drying equipment for indirect heating, so that the heat source can be used to heat or heat conduction oil heating.Because the modified molecular sieve itself contains nitrate, organic amine and so on,In the tail gas treatment section, it is necessary to carry out the recycling process, and the waste heat of the tail gas is used again.
    Modified molecular sieve drying machine
    The following pictures is about modified molecular sieve drying machine we design,According to the actual production conditions for the design and transformation.
Modified molecular sieve drying machine
Modified molecular sieve dryers

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