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Chestnut powder drying equipment_Chestnut powder spray drying equipment

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    Efficacy and function of chinese chestnut
    Chinese chestnut is a common fruit,is the king of dry fruit in the world.Main ingredients of chinese chestnut:Soluble sugar、Reducing sugar、Sucrose、Protein、Crude fat、Vitamin and Mineral.Chestnut has a close relationship with the intelligence development of children,it has the function:Kidney and spleen、Astringent antidiarrheal、Blood stasis、Hemostatic and analgesic、tonifying qi、Eliminate dampness heat.Modern medicine indicate,chinese chestnut is good for Hypertension、Coronary heart disease、Arterial sclerosis and so on.Calcium can promote muscle nerves of the excitement, bone strength.
    Deep processing of drying chinese chestnut
    In the last century ninety's in China's deep processing of chestnut has a certain scale.Just like:Canned chestnut in syrup,Sugar fried chestnut,Chestnut jelly,Chestnut wine,Frozen dried chestnut kernel and Low sugar preserved chestnut and son on,One of the most common is chestnut powder.Early in the Qing Dynasty,there is a record.At that time the Chinese chestnut powder made dishes tribute to the emperor to enjoy.Due to the excellent taste of chestnut powder, it is also widely used in the production of cakes and ice cream desserts.
    The spray drying equipment for chinese chestnut
    The processing technology of chestnut powder is such as:Selection of Chestnut→Shelling→Heat shocking→Protective color→Rinse→Beating→Filter→The deployment→Homogeneous→The spray dryers→Sieving→Vacuum packing.Our company from the selection of fresh chestnut,A series of experiments were conducted to determine the optimum drying parameters of chestnut powder.
    Because Chinese chestnut has a hard shell and red,in the process of clothing to shell if not clean, will be the browning phenomenon.After many experiments, the chestnut shell was found to be a small gap,set into the water about 100℃ and cook about 3~5min,it can easily clean off the chestnut shell,And no browning phenomenon occurred in chestnut kernel.This is the reason for the existence of hot pressing process.In order to prevent the occurrence of chestnut color change, need to add a certain color.After comparison test.,We found that the best choice of composite color protection agent(Citric acid 0.25%+Vitamin C0.25%+Chitosan 0.20%+Sodium chloride 0.35%).Choose the Stabilizer:CMC-Na 0.20%, xanthan gum 0.25%,Single Gan ester 0.40%,Sucrose ester 0.45%,It can ensure that the chestnut powder has a uniform state in the process of the process of the dissolution.
    As the material is good for the slurry, the spray dryer was chosen for the experiment.
    The parameter determination of Chestnut powder spray dryers
    As a result of certain sugar in chestnut, in the process of drying need to add to help dry agent to improve the quality.I choose helping-drying-agent:50% maltodextrin and 10% LY- cyclodextrin,effect is more obvious.
    In order to avoid sticking to the spray drying process,material over drying and so on.,The orthogonal experiment was carried out on the effect of spray drying,and get the best drying parameters,Inlet temperature about 135℃;Soluble solids content about 18Birx;intake 0.8m³/min,charging rate 180ml/h.
    Spray dryer production with the above parameters,The content of chestnut powder was 4.42%,Calculated powder rate is 29.68%.

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