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Selection of ginger drying machine_Ginger dryers

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    The efficacy and role of ginger
    Ginger is essential to our lives seasonings.It can appetizers vomiting,Sweating and Diaphoresis.After Modern medical study found,it contain protein, trace elements, minerals and so on.It has a very good therapeutic effect:just like cold, headache, phlegm, cough, stomach, vomiting.
    With the improvement of people's living standards,more and more people began to focus on healthy,Ginger had became very frequent used.China is one of the largest national production of ginger,To avoid ginger and dry rot in stored procedures,so it needed be dried.It made of powder is the most common.
    Selection of drying ginger powder
    Fresh ginger needs to use a powder drying technology,it based mainly hot air drying.Although lower drying costs,and low investment in equipment,but there are had problems of poor quality,and oil loss is relatively large.Our company, as a senior dryer production design manufacturers,as the method for drying the material for a number of Discussion,Comparative tests with different drying(Far-infrared drying, hot air drying, vacuum freeze-drying and spray drying) means,and optimum drying equipment.Ginger will pick a good beating,Then use a different dryers equipment for drying,To judge from all aspects(Yield, water content, capacity, hydration capacity, suction force and appearance).
    Test of ginger dryers
    a Far-infrared drying:set 1kg into tray,and drying about 5 hours,set the temp about 70℃,then cooled and crushed.
    b Hot air drying:set 1kg ginger into tray,drying about 12 hours in the drying room(50℃),then cooled and crushed.
    c vacuum freeze-drying:set 1kg ginger into refrigerator compartment(-30℃) about 1 hours,after the freeze-dried in a vacuum dryer,vacuum degree 0.1kPa,Temp -55℃,drying time about 24 hours.
    d Spray drying:Preheat the feed solution,carried our spray drying about 50℃.Inlet air temperature:220℃,Air temperature:70℃.
    The selection of ginger drying machine
    Based on test data collation, we used the following summary.
    Four drying nature of the product obtained by the method comparison
Comparison Chart of the resulting ginger byfour kind drying method
    The pictures about comparison chart of the resulting ginger byfour kind drying method.
    Yield Comparison:We will compare with dry production and wet material,and get dried rate,and find the most efficient with far-infrared drying group,and spray-dried woth least efficient.The main reason is that after the beating, the fibrous material is removed, which results in a greater impact.But the removal of fiber can effectively improve product taste.
    Capacity Comparison:Far-infrared and spray get higher capacity,vacuum freeze-drying group get less capacity.Because the vacuum freeze-drying, the product is a porous structure, bulk density decreased.
    The comparative hydration:Judge with water retention capacity,Far-infrared and hot air get higher hydration capacity,lower as spray group.
   Oil-absorbing ability Compare:Vacuum Freeze group get as oil-absorbing capacity of the strongest,Spray Group as the weakest.Because of protein denaturation degree and the number of micro powder.
    The appearance of contrast:Sensory evaluation using statistical judgment,The best as the vacuum freeze drying machine,the weakest as the spray drying group.
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