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Strawberry dehydration drying machine_Strawberry freeze dryers

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    The nutritive value of strawberry
    Strawberry is a popular fruit,its other name is fragaria.The nutritional value of strawberry is very high,Good for the eyes and liver,improve gastrointestinal,to prevent scurvy, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease,also has a certain role in the prevention of cancer.
    The dehydration technology of drying strawberry
    Because of its high nutritional value, it is necessary to carry on deep processing to fresh strawberry in order to make it easy to be preserved and transported. Freeze drying technology is currently the most common method for strawberry drying industry.
    The freeze drying steps of strawberry
    Deep processing flow of Strawberry as the following shown:
    Raw material selection→Cleaning the pedicle→Dry by airing→Section→Sugar dip→Load weighing→Drying pretreatment→Freeze drying→Product weighing→Pack
    Determination of freeze drying equipment parameters of Strawberry
    After several measurements, we concluded that the eutectic point of the strawberry was about -15℃.In the process of freezing and drying,It is needed to control the temperature in the sublimation drying stage, to avoid the central temperature of strawberry and to ensure the quality of the final product.
    Thickness of material layer in drying process:We know that in the process of drying, reducing the thickness of the material can effectively improve the drying effect, of course, will produce the relative increase in energy consumption.Our company after several groups of contrast experiments, found that the thickness of the strawberry freeze dry in 7 mm,Can shorten the drying period, and achieve the most effective use of resources.
    In the process of freeze drying strawberry,We detected the water content of the sample and found its existence stage,That is, the front water content is higher, the drying rate is higher, while the latter is the opposite.So we will have to make a collection of semi - finished strawberries, to make room for a number of dry and dry;The collection of strawberry semi finished and then concentrate on the completion of drying.This can effectively improve the production capacity of the equipment and the utilization of the machine.(You can browse《The pre-freeze stage of drying technology》)
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