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Fire retardant drying equipment_Fire retardant dryer

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    What is fire retardant
    Fire retardant is called as fire prevention agent and refractory agent and so on。The apply can be grant the flammable polymer own the character of fire resistance。Flame retardant chemical composition is more complex,the molecular formula is C44H30N4。      With the continuous development of China's industry, the market demand for flame retardants is increasing.The traditional drying equipment used for flame retardant drying equipment is a double cone vacuum drier(you can browse《Animation demo of double cone rotation vacuum drying machine》)and vacuum drying machine。The usage of our company for the above two kinds of drying equipment has been investigated,and find some company exist bad effect and low yield。
    Fire retardant drying machine
    In the process of drying fire retardant,after centrifugal dehydration, the filter cake will be dried,at the end we can get the finished product。As the usual the water contain can be about 20%,some will up to 25%。The requirement reach 0.3%,The product size requirements are also higher(about 0.147 to 0.074mm)
    The melting point of the material itself is lower( about 70℃),and it prone to bonding phenomenon。
    To the flame retardant heat sensitive,select drying equipment has certain limitations。We recommend the use of a cyclone to dehydration and drying。
    Fire retardant drying equipment
    The structure of host as following shown:
Structure diagram of fire retardant cyclone dryers
    The pictures above is about structure diagram of fire retardant cyclone dryers。
    We can seen as above ,all the host can divide into four parts:Host、Chassis、Vibration device and Vibration isolation spring。Where the vibration motor is placed in the bottom of the host,Cross arrangement。When power is working,the motor will rotate synchronously at the same time。Under the action of the vibration isolation spring,inert carrier to start motion(Circular motion along the inner cylinder of the main engine.)。Heat exchange between hot air and inert carrier。Wet material from the feed inlet into the host, covering the inert carrier.There is a large temperature difference between inert carrier and wet material, which makes the water in the flame retardant evaporate.Inert carrier in the process of movement, continuous collision, friction.After drying,the powder after the collision is discharged,and floating in the host。At the end the material will be collected by the apply of fan,and discharge to the atmosphere by the bag duster。
    Fire retardant drying machine
    The structure as the following shown
Fire retardant drying equipment
Fire retardant dryers
Fire retardant drying system
    The drying system as the above shown。1-blower A;2-blower B;3-Exhaust heating machine A;4-Exhaust heater B;5-Feeding system;6-Cyclone drier;7-Cyclone separator;8-Closed air blower;9-Bag duster;10-Induced draft fan;11-Control cabinet;
    Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) professional design and manufacturing drying equipment,many experiments on the material of flame retardant were carried out.The different requirements of the flame retardant are different devices to choose from。If you want to learn more about drying machine,or you need to order the equipment,welcome to contact to us。Tel:13809072359!
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