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Organic cobalt salt drying machine_Organic cobalt salt flash dryers

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    Performance and Application of Organic cobalt salt
    Organic cobalt salt is called as the form of cobalt ion and iodate.Of course,organic cobalt salt mix with other ion.The character of cobalt salt can promote the adhesion of rubber and metal.In addition,cobalt salt own other chacarter:aging-resistant,heat oxygen,damp heat,resistant to salt water corrosion.
    Production process of organic cobalt salt
    As usual,it mainly inorganic soluble into precipitation,dehydration and drying after removal of the、mash into fine powder(above 200 mesh),then the organic acid was decomposed by the organic acid, and the organic cobalt salt was obtained.All the process of drying organic cobalt salt:
    Inorganic soluble cobalt→Inorganic co-precipitation→Cobalt cake(After rinsing, pressing process)→Cobalt powder(After drying and crushing process)→Organic cobalt salt(Organic acid reaction).
    In the process of synthesising cobalt powder,it need to pay special attention to the change of its activity,it is necessary for drying&dehydrating.The present dehydration process is carried out for two times:get the filter cake(water content 70%) after filter press dewatering(Normal atmospheric temperature),on the basis of one dehydration for second dehydration.Common dehydration methods are mainly divided into two categories:Static type(Take oven as representative) and full dynamic(With the flash dryer as the representative)
    Comparison of technology:
    Static type dehydration:The process of drying:Set the filter cake(Water content 70%) placed in an oven of tray,The temperature of oven will reach 45℃,it need about 30 hours to drying material.This method need crush material through further mechanical crushing.Because of the material have 10% water contain after drying,so it is difficulty for crushing,easy to paste screen,cause product waste.
    Full dynamic:The dynamic type dewatering to flash dryer as the representative of the,set filter cake(water contain 70%) into flash drying rooom through charging equipment,after drying,crushing,Classification and so on,get the material.
    Advantages of organic cobalt salt dryers
    The process of drying is short,through the cyclone separator and the collection of the bag filter,Product recovery rate is higher.Easily oxidized low cobalt ions in the instant water loss,Quickly out of the oxidation environment,To avoid low cobalt oxide cobalt oxide.After drying, the product is powder,Only the density is 0.1~0.3g/cm³,And moisture content is less than 3%,High cobalt content is less than O.1%.Compared with the oven, not only reduces the investment of equipment, but also improve the quality of the product.

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