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Chrysanthemum drying machine_Chrysanthemum microwave-pneumatic drying machine

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    Efficacy and function of mum
    The Chrysanthemum as the common perennial herb.It can be used as drug,also make tea,protect eyesight,or as a beverage for all ages,chrysanthemum tea own the effect:refreshing, detoxification,help to digestion.
    Drying technology of chrysanthemum
    Fresh chrysanthemum contains more water,as usual its water content up to 80%.For easy storage and transportation,we should control the water content down to 18%.Traditional drying method:wrap+natural dry.Because of the climate,lead to longer drying period, the quality of the chrysanthemum is affected.
    Curve determination of drying chrysanthemum
    Our company has certain dry experience for this kind of material.The effective components of chrysanthemum can be preserved by microwave drying equipment.In order to determine the parameters of microwave drying,Our company has carried out the drying experiment,and draw the following drying curve.
Characteristic curve of chrysanthemum microwave dryers
    The pictures above about drying characteristic curve
    We used a single layer and double chrysanthemum to test,Among these,Moisture content about 82.8%.Single one reach 10.3% after 120s;Double deck up to 13.4% after 120s.We find at time of 50s,flower petals will appear coking phenomenon,and with the increase of time, coking intensified.
    Chrysanthemum microwave air combination drying equipment
    For the qualty,we should get the combain method to drying the material.Microwave drying for Chrysanthemum,the drying time about 30s ,psassivation and evaporation of surface free water.At end of 4h we get pneumatic drying machine,and get dried chrysanthemum.
    Use of microwave - air - air combination drying equipment,through 2 steps of drying process,Meet the requirements of the end of the water, but also in accordance with the requirements of chrysanthemum color.Shorter drying time, about 4 hours to complete.
The scene of chrysanthemum drying machine
Chrysanthemum drying equipment

Chrysanthemum dryers

Chrysanthemum drying machine
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