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Donkey-hide gelatin drying machine

Time:2015-10-05  Creator:Yi Du

    The effect of Ejiao:Chinese herbal medicine in the world,donkey-hide gelatin is one of the representative.The earliest record of edible gelatin with a history about 2500 years,can be used for nourishing yin and supplementing blood,prolong life,can enhance heart function.Also known as the best beauty products, can make the skin shiny, relieve skin aging.
    Donkey-hide gelatin drying machine:in the process of drying colla corii asini powder,drying is very important.Before drying,moisture content about 30%,and the temperature requirements are more stringent,no higher than 35℃.The traditional method as natural drying,it can guaranteed quality,but due to environmental issues(Temperature, air humidity and so on),long drying time,big occupied space.Obviously,The method can not meet the current market demand.New type drying technology developped constantly,also has a great breakthrough in drying technology.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) research for many years,we recommend to use Vibration fluidized bed drying equipment able to produce finished products that meet the requirements.
    Ejiao powder fluidized bed dryers:The particles to be dried from the feed inlet into the drying chamber,the motor makes the whole dryer,drying material is thrown out of a row,running forward.Full contact with hot air and gelatin particles,pull our water.Discharge of material from the dry finish,and packing.(You can browse《Demonstration of fluidized bed drying equipment》)
    The advantages:
    1 Reasonable design, smooth operation.Equipment is 304 stainless steel,meet requirement of GMP,simple structure and convenient maintenance.
    2 Control simple.Adjustable device amplitude,material movement speed can be adjusted.Good drying effect of gelatin with different moisture content, suitable for different thickness of material layer of grain drying.
    3 Guaranteed quality:Gelatin particles belong to precious materials,and high quality requirements.When using the fluidized bed drying machine,ensure that the temperature is not higher than the limit value,smaller surface damage,prevent the material from being polluted.
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