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Herb-pasqueflower dryers

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    Efficacy and function of herb-windflower
    Herb-pasqueflower had first appeared in《Shennong Baicao Jin》,the other name but the grass, grass, white powder milkweed, Auntie Kikukiku Nae, man of flowers, grass, flowers, flower crown old cat's paw and so on.The medicinal value of Pulsatilla chinensis is high, with the advances of modern medicine, the drug was also more Baitouweng unearthed.Mainly the effect of Pulsatilla chinensis :clearing away heat and toxic material,Eyesight.Have a good effect on heat dysentery, hemorrhoids and other diseases of blood.
    Herb-pasqueflower drying machine
    In order to overcome the disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicine decoction,at present, the effective components of Chinese herbal medicine were extracted, dried, and then made into capsules.The current treatment of Pulsatilla chinensis as well.In the process of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the process of water extraction and alcohol precipitation is mainly used.This process requires the addition of excipients in order to meet the requirements of molding process at last.The disadvantages of doing so is to reduce the content of effective components in Radix Pulsatillae capsules,to cure the lesion, the need to increase the dosage.After many attempts,We found that obtained by spray drying processing of Pulsatilla chinensis powder made of capsule has good effect, mainly is to improve the content of effective components in unit dose, and simplifies the production process, the process cycle is shortened by 30%.
    Parameter setting of spray drying :
   In the process of drying of Pulsatilla needs to spray dryer parameters set.In order to avoid the effective components, we carried out the orthogonal experiment.
    The article above《Decryption Anshen capsule drying technology》,Orthogonal experiment is the best method to determine the parameters of drying equipment.Where there are 3 variables :The relative density of paste, the inlet air temperature and air temperature of the spray dryer.
    After 3 groups of contrast experiments, we found that :The relative density of the extract 1.07% Inlet air temperature 190℃,Wind temperature 85℃,each 100g Pulsatilla chinensis extract powder about 173.6g,Powder ratio 17.36% is the highest.
    Spray dryer related information :
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