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Druss dryers_Active carbon black drying equipment

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    What is druss?
    Druss is the carbon of developed pore structure and strong adsorption capacity.The effect of druss:organic pollutants in water and air.
    Drying carbon black
    During the drying process of produce druss.The drying equipment can be used drying druss:flat top surface drying,external heating rotary drum dryer.Because these two kinds of drying equipment drying cycle is longer,very serious environmental pollution.More major will be the case of dust flying,resulting in very large economic losses.At present, these two kinds of carbon black drying machine has gradually been eliminated,replaced by fluidized bed drying.
    Fluidized bed drying machine for druss
    As the article above《The process of drying shell activated carbon果壳活性炭干燥》,the fluidized bed drying machine own the character:saving energy and drying efficiency.
    The structure diagram of activated carbon dryers.
The structure diagram of activated carbon dryers
Druss drying machine
    The pictures above about activated druss drying machine.
    Among of its:1.Chimney2.Air inlet3.Throttle4.Cyclone duster5.Cleaning door6.Lead air duct7.Fan8.Hot air oven9.Adjustable air valve10.Soft joint of the wind pipe11.Flexible shaft12.Host(Left view) 13.Discharging port14.cleaning door15.Pit16.Sprocket group17.Stepless speed regulator18.Electric machinery19.Cyclone separator20.Off air blower21.Cloth bag22.Fan23,Wet dust collector24.Valve25.Water pump26.Sedimentation tank27.Bottom valve28.Feeding port
    Advantages of carbon black fluidized bed dryer:
    1 Low cost:Through energy consumption calculation, we found that the use of carbon black dryer production, its energy consumption is compared with the external heating type rotary drum dryer can save about 50%.
    2 Product loss reduction:The whole drying chamber has good sealing property, and the material can not be filled..
    3 Higher quality:After our company has found that many times,After drying of carbon black, the granular activated carbon has good appearance.Dust on the surface of the carbon particles has also been cleared.
    4 Easy operation:Semi automatic operation can be realized and the labor intensity is reduced.

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