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Litchi dyers,Litchi vacuum freeze drying technology

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    Efficacy and effect of Litchi:
    Litchi is a famous fruit in the south,litchi is a famous fruit as bananas, pineapple and longanin the south,litchi extremely difficult to store,Bai Juyi will be known as the litchi from the time is very short because of its preservation.Ancient transportation inconveniencePeople in the north, it is difficult to eat litchi, to eat the litchi is only the Royal Palace of the nobility.According to legend, Yang likes to eat litchi,must eat fresh,so speed up the transportation,but it's still a bad time.
    Litchi is rich in sugar and nutrients,the symptoms of insomnia, amnesia, fatigue and other symptoms have obvious curative effect.In addition,Litchi can also be used for detoxification, bleeding and pain, liver and spleen, regulating the flow of Qi and blood.
    Litchi drying machine
    In order to prolong the shelf life of litchi,it is usually used in the process of freezing, canning and drying.In order to maximize the retention of the color, flavor and taste of litchi, selecting the appropriate processing technology and drying equipment is essential.Vacuum freeze drying technology is the best method.Just like above《Vacuum freeze dyers_different fruit vacuum drying technology 》,vacuum freeze drying technology has great advantages for this kind of material..
    Process flow:Screening litchi→Cleaning and disinfection→Extract litchi→Protect color→Pre cooling→Pre freezing→Vacuum freeze drying→Weighing and packing.Our company is a dry stage for a simple exposition.
    Litchi vacuum freeze drying technology
    1 Eutectic point temperature determination:Just like above 《Vacuum freezing process of Western Medicine》, eutectic point is one of the most important parameters of vacuum freeze drying, the determination of the eutectic point of litchi flesh is the use of resistance method.In the process of slow freezing of litchi meat, the change of the value of the recorder resistance.When the number of the thousand meters to infinity, its internal moisture is completely frozen, at this time of the temperature of eutectic point temperature.test about -24℃.
    2 Determination of pre freezing temperature:(The concept of pre freezing temperature, please visit 《Freeze drying stage-pre freeze》),according to experimental data analysis,The pre freezing temperature is generally lower than the eutectic point temperature about 10℃,about-34℃.
    3 Pre freeze rate:According to the requirements of the product, we put the litchi meat in the forced cold air circulation freezing,about 4 hours.
    Factors affecting the drying efficiency of litchi meat:
    1 Condenser temperature:We know that the rate of vacuum freeze drying technology is directly proportional to the water vapor pressure difference between the freezing drying chamber and the condenser, and is inversely proportional to the flow resistance of water vapor. That is, the greater the pressure difference between the water vapor, the smaller the flow resistance, the faster the drying rate. Need to adjust the temperature of the optimal condenser, and increase the drying efficiency without increasing the operating cost.
    2 Temperature of freeze dry product:The increase of product temperature in freeze drying chamber can accelerate the flow of water vapor, accelerate the drying rate, and can realize the processing efficiency of vacuum freeze drying equipment.

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