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Crumbs Dryers

Time:2015-10-05  Creator:Yi Du

    Bread crumbs is a common food,different from other foods,the edible part of the bread crumbs is all,there are no waste,and the nutrients contained in the bread crumbs are high.Bread crumbs in order to better storage and transport, the need for drying.
    Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) recommended use Fluidiized bed drying machin to drying crumbs.
    In order to meet the requirements of production(300kg/h),bread crumbs with about 35% of the dry initial moisture content,it need ZLG7.5X0.75 series fluidized bed dryers.The size about:Total length 7.75m、wide 0.75m.Because of the specific heat capacity of bread crumbs about 0.35kcal/kg•℃,所In order to need to control the temperature in the wind about 120~145℃,wind temperature about 70~80℃, to ensure that the dry bread crumbs temperature of about 55℃.For this purpose, we are equipped with a spiral fin steam heat exchanger for the fluidized bed dryer, and increase the heat.
    The cooling air is heated by air heater after being filtered by air blower,after heating, the hot air with a certain temperature and kinetic energy is fed into the lower part of the main air chamber of the fluidized bed.The hot air through the porous bed into uniform velocity distribution.Vibration motor provides exciting force, so that the bread crumbs in the bed are jumping on the air distribution plate, and at the same time, the distribution plate below the hot air contact, heat and mass transfer,heating the material in a wet (water) heat absorbing heater, and material separated by air away, drying of the product by the end of the fluidized bed, while the hot air because of heat transfer temperature drop.When the air is wet, the water will be carried out with a small amount of material, and the material is separated and recovered by cyclone separator, the exhaust gas is discharged by the ventilator!

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