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Alcohol residue drying machine_Alcohol sludge drying equipment

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    Alcohol residue dryers
    Technology of alcohol production enterprises in China, the output is increasing year by year.There will be a lot of waste water and sludge in the process of alcohol production, causing more serious water pollution.In order to avoid damage to the ecological environment, the need to carry out alcohol sludge harmless treatment.In the process of harmless treatment, the water content of the alcohol residue should be reduced.The traditional alcohol sludge drying process is carried out by using the enrichment equipment and mechanical dewatering machine, and the water content of the alcohol is reduced to 70%.In order to further dry the alcohol slag, it is necessary to heat the dry.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.) was studied a large amount of drying technology in the alcohol industry ,independent design Alcohol residue drying machineAlcohol residue drying machine and Alcoholic liquor drying equipment,they have been put into production for several years,bown etter drying effect.
    Alcohol sludge fluidized bed drying equipment
    In the drying process of alcohol sludge,mainly uses the fluidized bed drying machine to carry on the processing.Fluidized bed drying equipment is a traditional dryer,at present, the main as drum fluidized bed、spout fluidized bed、stirred fluidized bed and so on,it is mainly used for the production of heat vibrating fluidized bed。
    Alcohol residue internal heating type vibrating fluidized bed
    Schematic diagram as following shown:
Alcohol residue internal heating type vibrating fluidized bed
    The above pictures about alcohol residue internal heating type vibrating fluidized bed.1-Roots blower; 2-Control valve; 3-Orifice plate flow meter; 4-Heater; 5-Gas entry valve; 6-Vibration motor; 7-Vibration spring; 8-Temperature measuring point; 9-Heating tube; 10、11-Fluidized bed(Up and down); 12-Cyclone separator; 13-Hopper; 14-Induced draft fan; 15-Bag filter;
    From the picture we can see,there are two layers in the fluidized bed.,The next section is a rectangular two-dimensional bed,size about 240×80×180mm.Upper dimension about 240×80×540mm.Opening rate about3%,aperture about Φ2mm,pitch about 10mm。
    Under the action of vibration motor,the bed body can be carried out in a vertical direction.The air filtered in the blower blows, the orifice plate flow meter is measured and enters the preheater for heating, the hot air enters the fluidized bed after the temperature measurement.Inert particles into the fluidized bed,double action of heat and vibration.When the bed reaches the set temperature, can be wet sludge particles into the fluidized bed, driven by an inert particle.Wet particles were carried out under the action of three weight.After drying, the dry goods are discharged from the discharge port, and the tail gas is discharged through the filter.
    Data of alcohol sludge fluidized bed dryers machine
    Our company carry out the drying test and found,in the process of drying with heat drying in a vibrating fluidized bed,the drying rate is proportional to the flow rate, the inlet temperature and the power.Improving parameters can effectively reduce the water content of sludge dry goods(In a certain range).The best drying parameters of alcohol were obtained by the experiment:
    Water content of finished product:4.9%;
    Note:The above parameters are the result of the drying experiment and the mathematical modeling, which has the guiding function to the practical production.You can get the details summary about this,please contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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