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Fish protein hydrolysate solution drying machine

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    Fish protein powder dryers
    Chinese freshwater fish are more than other,but its price is high.The common practice as Aquatic products drying machineand deep processing,it is made from typical local dish and snacks.Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) search for the technology of drying fish machine,and we design&produce many sets for some factories as Squid dryers and Silver carp drying machine.At present,the equipment run out about more than 2 years,this effection had meet the requirement of technology,product quality has also been guaranteed.In the production of fish drying process,it is common one method of drying fish protein powder.The mainly process:After the fish was crushed,after remove the fishy smell ,and water homogenate,the enzymatic hydrolysis was carried out by using protease hydrolysis technique,enzyme is inactivated enzyme protein solution was,spray drying on the concentrated solution after the enzyme,get the production and packing vacuum.
    Fish protein hydrolysate solution dryers
    The detail process of drying as the following shown:
    (1) Material handling:Clean up the fish and crush it into 0.5-2cm,get fish block;
    (2) Cyclodextrin adsorption deodorization:The fish block adsorption deodorization with cyclodextrin solution,Temp about 20°C -40°C,Time about l_5h,filter after adsorbing,centrifugal drying;
    (3) Ethanol aqueous alkali deodorization:And then the fish block is mixed with ethanol(about double),Temp about 45°C-55°C filter,recovery ethanol;
    (4) Enzymolysis:The fish after deodorization were mixed with water(1~5 times),homogenate,set the mixing solution into 40-60°C,total weight about 0.1 %-1 %with protease,blend,pH control about 5-8,PH decreased naturally in the process of enzymatic hydrolysis,time of isothermal reaction 2-12h
    (5) Inactivation of enzyme:ste all the reaction liquid into equipment about 80-100°C,about time:10-25min,coaling,get the production after filter;
    (6) Concentrate:Carried out concentrate;
    (7) Spray drying:spray drying all the concentrated solution,and get the deodorization of fish protein powder;
    In the process of carried out drying,taking into account the hydrolysis of fish protein solution itself as a liquid,about high mobility,as the spray drying machine.This equipment can carried out drying and granulation.We can adjust pressure,flow rate and orifice according to the technology,and we can get the spherical particles with a certain size.
    The drying technology:Air through filtration and heating,air distributor at the top of the dryer,hot air enters the drying chamber in a spiral form.After the top of the tower body high speed centrifugal atomizer (cyclone) spray into very fine mist liquid beads,drying about production in short time.The finished product is continuously from the bottom of the dryer and the cyclone separator,waste gas drain by induced draft fan.
    The pictures about this equipment
Fish protein hydrolysate solution drying equipment

Fish protein powder dryers

Fish protein powder drying machine
    The above pictures about FPH solution spray drying equipment ,if you want to learn more about Fish protein powder dryers ,welcome to cantact us.

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